72 killed in severe storm in Rajasthan, UP

Storm played havoc on Wednesday night forty five people have died following heavy rainfall and dust storms across Uttar Pradesh.
Agra registered thirty six deaths, Bijnor three and Saharanpur two, while one death each was reported from Bareilly, Moradabad Chitrakoot and Rampur. Local authorities in each of these areas have issued directions to provide immediate relief and carry out a thorough and full assessment.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced a compensation of upto Rs.4 lakhs to the families of the deceased and Rs 50,000 for each of the injured.
At least 27 people were killed and nearly 100 injured as a high-intensity squall followed by thunder showers hit parts of Rajasthan overnight, leaving a trail of destruction. Houses collapsed and electricity poles and trees were uprooted as the severe dust storm swept the Matysya region.
Saddened by the loss of lives due to dust storms in various parts of India. Condolences to the bereaved families. May the injured recover soon. Have asked officials to coordinate with the respective state governments and work towards assisting those who have been affected: PM

Polluted Cities – 40 Yrs of TERI & CSE Flop Show Loot

May02, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh ravinderinvent@gmail.com
WHO report only talked of Air Pollution, Water Pollution is DEADLIEST – ones who can’t afford Water Purifiers drink Contaminated With Bacteria & Heavy Metals, Dissolved Salts, at most places Water Extracted from Ground is Unfit for even Crops we eat.
Air, Water & Foods are all contaminated and harmful to health.
India has Talent but are not allowed to work. Mediocre are engaged for all critical and non-critical jobs. I was not getting Patents, on getting patents after 10 years; was not getting Funds next 20 years; I may get funds for filing patents but not for setting up R&D Center.
India is let down by TERI & CSE for 40 years. India didn’t require a single thermal power plant – has over 200,000 MW Hydro Potential in Himalayas alone. TERI & CSE had failed to promote ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Forget high-tech TERI and CSE couldn’t deliver a good FUNCTIONAL VERY COSTLY Rain Harvest Structure in 40 years- it was basically All Loot.
In 2006 I told at one TERI-CSE event ‘Capital Cost of Yamuna Dams is Rs.10 per Cubic Meter of Water Shall Serve Over 100 Years but a RWH structure Rs.1400 Per Cubic Meter that doesn’t work even for a day.’
TERI has operating since 1974 didn’t deliver a good Kerosene Stove or Wood Burning Stove though managed FUNDING for perhaps over 100 such projects – main cause of pollution in Rural Homes.
In 1975 I offered JRD Tata to improve TRF Coal Handling Plant. What is shocking is that then New Electrostatic Precipitators operated at 99.5% Efficiency but were not maintained properly. >> Way back in 1965 or earlier Fly Ash collection technology was available – Installed at Hitachi 60 MW Power Plant at IP Station.
India could not even ‘Copy Electrostatic Precipitators’ in 50+ years want foreign technology for it.
CSE Opted for CNG for Public Transport in Delhi in 2000 when LPG was cheaper and Freely available – took 6 years to roll out – 6000 Blue Line CNG buses were Scrapped because Bus Drivers were Reckless –gave 5 km per kg of CNG, Marcopolo Buses 2 km or less. Delhi need UBERISED Buses, Autos & Taxis & Strict Parking Regulations.
Joseph Bazalgette pioneered covered Sewer System 150 years ago –Delhi is not investing in Under Ground Sewers but building Flyovers in Open Sewage Channel/Drains.
Delhi can restrict supply of RAW FOODS Like Banana, Pine Apple, Cauliflower that cause 10,000 Tons of City Garbage – Delhi can have CLEAN FOODS.
Delhi-Indian Cities Can Have Clean Air Water and Foods – In Near Future.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

​Dear Sagar Media Inc,Petitioning to RBI, Governor Urjit          

Dear Sagar Media Inc,
“The tax department wants to extract taxes on ‘services’ that are ostensibly provided FREE to bank customers. What can be more absurd than this? It has happened because we as customers are not taking our protest to the next level or protesting enough.”
“Bank deposits are already taxed at the highest level, how ridiculous is it to dream up taxes for basic banking operations like deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiry and cheque books?”

Sign Sucheta Dalal’s petition to ensure that banks should have fair charges and services for all their customers.
Petitioning Reserve Bank of India, Governor
Governor: RBI-Finance Ministry: Stop Banks Fleecing Depositors
Petition by Sucheta Dalal
mumbai, India
Dr Urjit Patel
Reserve Bank of India
Sub: Unfair treatment of bank customers
Dear Dr Patel,
We, a group of bank consumers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are disturbed at the unfair treatment that bank customers suffer in the form of frequent, arbitrary and one-sided increase in banking charges, or the refusal of banks to automatically pass on contractual benefits such as lower interest to those with floating rate home loans, or the rampant mis-sellling of third-party products such as insurance.
The attached memorandum is the consensus view of a group of knowledgeable consumer activists, policy watchers, bankers, and trade unions, request urgent policy changes to ensure that banks treat bank customers fairly.
Dr Patel, we are confident you will have the memorandum examined and initiate action at the earliest. We look forward to active engagement and a line of acknowledgement from your office
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as the banking regulator has been proactive in improving the customer service rendered by banks. However, the RBI has not taken banks to task on the many customer-unfriendly practices that are increasing with impunity.
Over the years, the RBI has remained silent on several anti-depositor actions of banks. The Banking Ombudsman’s rulings also tend to side with banks, making no attempt to observe the pattern of complaints which would amply bring out rampant mis-selling of insurance and wealth management products. We have identified some specific areas and request RBI’s intervention to take corrective steps after engaging with customers.
1.     Digital Payments: While the Union Government is pushing consumers into digital transactions, we are not adopting global best practices to protect consumers. On 11 August 2016 (https://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=3235) the RBI issued a draft circular on limiting customer liability and shifting the onus of proving customer fault on banks.  RBI had sought feedback from public before 31 August 2016. However, it has not yet been converted into a Master Circular.
We feel that with the increased use of digital payments post the demonetisation drive, it is necessary to have in place a mechanism or system to protect customers from unauthorised banking transactions. A Master circular/notification by the Reserve Bank on limiting liability in an unauthorised banking transaction will make a huge impact on protecting customers from frauds.
2.      Bank Account Number Portability: We feel effective portability of bank accounts is a good anti-dote to several restrictive practices followed by the banks. This has been successfully implemented in the telecom sector and helped consumers. No practical portability option exists at present due to tie in primarily due to standing instructions for both incomes (pensions, annuities, dividends, interest) and expenses (utilities etc.) and the difficulties associated with changing those standing instructions.
Portability of loan exists on paper, but has to be made easier and seamless to execute without imposing fiscal and non-fiscal burden on the consumer.
The Prime Minister’s Awas Yojana now provides interest subsidy to loan taken by eligible households. Allowing lenders to overcharge for such loan consumers is allowing them to appropriate this subsidy provided from taxpayers’ funds. It is the duty of the government and regulators to ensure that the lenders do not appropriate this taxpayers’ money by overcharging the borrowers and create barriers when the borrower wants to shift this loan.
3.     Unfair agreements: Banks cannot have one-sided terms and conditions in their agreements with consumers. One-sided loan agreements with details buried in the fine print are bleeding customers. The Reserve Bank, in its communication must be specific about barring the levy of unfair charges otherwise bankers take undue advantage and fleece consumers. A basic model agreement must be prescribed by the RBI to limit banks from harming customers.
4.     Charges: Frequent increase in charges and billing customers by stealth through opt-out clauses that are not noticeable must be stopped immediately. For e.g. HDFC Bank started levying charges for an invite only program, which unethically assumes that the customer is already in and willing to pay for it. The levy is stopped only when the consumer notices it and calls the bank to protest, this too is not an easy process.
5.     Faulty Systems: Wrong emails being tagged by faulty algorithms of banks and finance companies, are leading to emails being sent to people who have no borrowing or accounts. This is a serious issue that will affect people’s credit history; the use of such faulty algorithms and defeats the purpose of KYC and causes serious harassment.
6.     Master Circular Changes: Frequent changes in the Master Circular or Notifications by RBI require banks to make changes in their Core Banking Systems.  This leads to high IT costs, which are ultimately passed on to consumers. The RBI must restrict changes in its circulars to 4 times a year to keep costs in check.
7.     Consumer Charter: The RBI issued the Charter of Customer Rights on 3 December 2014 recognising five basic rights of bank customers and asks banks to adapt and implement it after their Board’s approval. These are: (i) Right to Fair Treatment; (ii) Right to Transparency; Fair and Honest Dealing; (iii) Right to Suitability; (iv) Right to Privacy; and (v) Right to Grievance Redress and Compensation.
The Charter covers almost every problem that consumers were likely to face. Three years later, the RBI has not fixed timeframes for grievance redressal nor announced penalties for failure to treat consumers fairly, despite repeated appeals by consumer groups. Consequently, the Charter remains a toothless statement.
A Master circular/notification by the Reserve Bank giving teeth to the Charter of Customer Rights with clear provisions fixing timelines for redressal and escalation, penalty for negligent service and interest/compensation to customers for losses caused due to mis-selling is urgently needed.
Yours truly,
Sucheta Dalal , Trustee Moneylife Foundation
Debashis Basu, Trustee Moneylife Foundation
Dhirendra Kumar, Foundation Value Research
Abhay Datar, Mumbai Grahak Panchayat
Sunil Bhandare, All India Bank Depositors Association
C H VENKATACHALAM, General Secretary, All India Bank Employees Association
Harsh Vardhan Roongta, Financial Expert and Advisor
R N Bhaskar, Sr. Editor, Columnist
Yogesh Sapkale, Director, Moneylife Foundation
Dolphy D’souza, Convener, Police Reforms Watch
Mahua Ghose, Consultant
Partha Mansukhani, Public Concern For Governance Trust
Lalita Joshi, All India Bank Employees Association
Raj Vaidya, Central Bank Employees Union
Advocate Bapoo Malcolm
Shubhada Khandekar, Author
A V Shenoy, Rashtriya Matadata Manch
Gautam Mody, General Secretary, New Trade Union Initiative
Sign the petition

Macron thanks Australian PM

France’s President Emmanuel Macron may have had le vin rouge on his mind when he thanked Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his “delicious wife” for their warm welcome on his official visit.
Macron and Turnbull had navigated their way through several sensitive diplomatic issues at a news conference in Sydney on Wednesday, only for the president to make the linguistic slip while making closing remarks in English.
He thanked Turnbull and his wife, Lucy, for being good hosts and acknowledged the fine food and wine he had enjoyed on his visit, before exclaiming: “I want to thank you for your welcome, you and your delicious wife for the warm welcome.”
The comment lit up social media, replacing discussion about the leaders’ deliberations on more weighty issues such as China’s growing influence in the region.
But what exactly did Macron try to say?
He may have had the word “delicieux” in mind, which, though sounding similar to “delicious,” would better translate into “lovely” or “delightful.”
While more often used to describe a pastry or a meal, the word “delicieux” can also describe a person, even if it is a somewhat old-fashioned usage.

Dominican Republic break ties with Taiwan

Chinese government has announced that it has established diplomatic ties with the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, which in turn cut its ties with Taiwan.
Taiwanese media severely criticized China, reporting that the Chinese government pledged 3-billion dollars in loans to the Dominican Republic.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Dominican counterpart, Miguel Vargas, gave a joint news conference in Beijing on Tuesday, disclosing that the 2 countries have formed diplomatic relations.
In a joint statement, the Dominican Republic said that “there is only one China in the world.” It severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan on the day.
Taiwan’s media quoted Taiwan officials as saying that the Chinese government promised to extend 3-billion dollars in loans for developing infrastructure, including railways and highways.
The sum would account for more than 20 percent of the island nation’s annual state budget. Taiwan is severely criticizing the Chinese government for promising such a huge loan package in order to establish diplomatic ties with the Dominican Republic.
As a result, Taiwan is left with diplomatic ties with only 19 countries — the smallest number ever. The Chinese government is seen to be applying increasing diplomatic pressure to isolate Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen government.

Cambridge Analytica winds up

Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy firm at the center of the Facebook data privacy scandal, is shutting down, the Wall Street Journal reports. In March, it emerged that Facebook had exposed the data of up to 87 million users to the firm’s researchers. Last month, the company suspended its CEO Alexander Nix, ahead of investigations to determine whether it had engaged in any wrongdoing.

Explosion at Lag BaOmer,Jewish festive in London

30 people have been injured in an explosion during a celebration of lag BaOmer Jewish festival,  in north London late Wednesday.
The explosion was reportedly sparked by mobile phones being thrown into bonfires, which are a tradition for Lag BaOmer, an annual Jewish festive event.
Hundreds gathered in Stamford Hill at the time. Around 10 people are believed to have been injured by the fire, while 20 others injured in the scramble to escape, local media reported.

American detained freed in N Korea

North Korea has reportedly transferred three American prisoners out of labor camps into a hotel, ahead of the planned summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. According to a South Korean activist representing ‘Family Assembly of those Abducted to North Korea’, the three, Kim Hak-song, Kim Sang-duk and Kim Dong-chul, were moved to the outskirts of Pyongyang sometime in mid-April. The detainees, convicted of “hostile acts” against the North Korean government and people, are widely expected to be freed as a goodwill gesture ahead of the much-anticipated talks.

Moon asks UN verify Kim promise

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has asked the United Nations to help verify the planned shutdown of North Korea’s nuclear test site.
South Korea’s presidential office says Moon made the request by phone to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday.
Moon explained that the North’s leader Kim Jong Un promised at the recent inter-Korean summit to invite experts from the South and the United States, as well as journalists, to verify the closure.
Moon asked that the UN play a role in confirming the North’s commitment to denuclearization.

Probe violence against Rohingya

UN Security Council delegation has asked Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi to guarantee the safe return of Rohingya refugees. The team of UN ambassadors from 15 countries and others arrived in Myanmar on Monday for inspections.
They met Aung San Suu Kyi in the capital Naypyidaw. Myanmar’s government says she repeated that her country is ready to accept Rohingya returnees.
Myanmar’s de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, announced that the country’s government will investigate suspected military-led violence against the Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority.
Since fighting broke in August last year between Rohingya militants and Myanmar’s security forces, the United Nations estimates that over 690,000 Rohingya residents have fled from Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine to neighboring Bangladesh.
A UN Security Council delegation comprising ambassadors to the United Nations from 15 countries made a first visit to Rakhine on Tuesday. The group inspected facilities prepared by the Myanmar government for the Rohingya refugees’ return.
At a news conference after the inspection, Britain’s ambassador to the UN, Karen Pierce, said the delegation told Aung San Suu Kyi that the truth about the suspected violence against Rohingya Muslims must be made clear, by an international organ or the Myanmar government conducting a credible investigation.
In reply, Aung San Suu Kyi indicated that the Myanmar government itself will do the investigation, if there is evidence of such violence.
Meanwhile, Pierce pointed out that it would be difficult for Myanmar alone to have the nearly 700,000 refugees return home safely and smoothly. She stressed that involvement of the United Nations will be necessary.

Police & Protesters clash in central Paris continued for hours

More than  Ks  masked protesters became violent and clashed with riot police during a May Day rally in Paris. 20 Ks labor union members and others had planned to take part in Tuesday’s annual march.
Nearly  1,200 masked protesters resorted to violence immediately after the rally began, smashing shop windows and damaging cars.Riot police used tear gas and water cannon to deal with the rioters. The clash in central Paris continued for hours.
Police say about 200 demonstrators were arrested and that 4 people, including a police officer, were injured.
Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said on Twitter that he is strongly opposed to such violence, which is in no way related to May Day.
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo also posted a message condemning the violent protesters, saying their only goal was to spread chaos.

Afghan Government reassures security of journalists

Afghan government Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday described the attack on journalists as a crime against the freedom of press and humanity.
He assured that the government would spare no efforts to ensure the safety of journalists.
“There is no difference between terrorists, no matter if the crime committed by Islamic State, al-Qaida, Taliban, Haqqani network or other terrorist outfit. No matter which group claims responsibility for targeting journalists, it is a terrorist attack and a crime against media men and against humanity,” Abdullah said in his speech at a ceremony here to mark the World Press Day.
The twin deadly attacks in Kabul on Monday killed at least 25 people including nine journalists, and injured 45 others including seven journalists.
The hardliner Islamic State outfit has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.
Abdullah also assured that the government would spare no efforts in ensuring security of media men and media outlets in the country.
A total of 11 Afghan journalists who used to work for national and international agencies were killed in the war-battered Afghanistan over the past one week.
Earlier on Tuesday night, Afghan National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar chaired an emergency meeting with media organizations and activists here and listened to their concerns, demands and suggestions.

Abe, Netanyahu Talks for peace

  1. Sagar Media Inc UKPM said, Our £1 billion AI deal is going to put UK at the forefront of the artificial intelligence industry. NKorea release US detainees at behest of USPrez Trump.Abe meet Netanyahu in Jerusalem.Swedish Toddler mother gang raped by Afghan migrants.TrumpUK13jul
    Naresh Kumar Sagar @Nksagar 
    Sagar Media Inc : Global million of datas of FB investigation Camridge Analytica cesease down.Celebrated case to be lasting affect.Mike Pompeo Secretary of state. Met NK pave way for Kim -Trump talk. FA Syria, Iran, NK. Russia talk Iran Turkey on Syria, Armenia to vote for chaos.
    Sagar Media Inc Ahead of , UN climate talks have started in Bonn, Germany. Stakeholders from around the world will make their voices heard. But how important are those of the world’s least developed countrie

US military plane crash in Georgia

US military transport aircraft has crashed onto a highway in the southern US state of Georgia. The Associated Press reports authorities said none of the 9 people on board survived.
The C130 cargo plane belonged to the Air National Guard of Puerto Rico, a US territory. It crashed on an intersection of a major highway on Wednesday, shortly after taking off from a military base in Savannah, eastern Georgia.
Surveillance camera footage shows the aircraft going into a nosedive, and sending up a large fireball and black smoke after it hits the ground.
Photos and videos taken at the site of the crash show heavily damaged aircraft parts, indicating a severe impact.
Local police say there were no casualties on the ground and no damage to vehicles on the road.NHK
The aircraft had been in use for more than 6 decades, and was making its final flight before being retired. The US Air Force is investigating the cause of the crash.
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Sagar Media Inc: 9 dead after US military plane crash in Georgia #nhk Abe in Jerusalem meet Israel Netanyahu hold Super for Abe and his wife.Macron visit Australia Turnbull.Trump meet Kim NK in Singapore? Trump Later visit UK 13 July May said.Egypt journo dentained extended.
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9 dead after US military plane crash in Georgia #nhk_world_news
9 dead after US military plane crash in Georgia- News – NHK WORLD – English

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Sagar Media Inc Afghan gov’t Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah describes attack on journalists as crime against freedom of press, humanity, vowing to ensure safety of journalists.Chaos in Armenia continue for fair free election.San Suk Chi Myanmar ask UN visit Rohingya for settle


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