Gujarat - 69% Engg Seats Vacant, Education Rate 2%
Gujarat 8% Students in India – 0.6% Clear AIIMS Test
October18, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

It was stunning – when 15 lakh children are born in Gujarat every year – just 3 made it in top 700 for AIIMS Test, about 100 out of 17,140 Candidates. This story was months old.

Gujarat Literacy 80% - Education 2% - 0% Inventing Grade

It was shocking – out of 2.07 lakh professional seats, 1.22 seats are vacant so 85,000 are in colleges and in all not more 30,000 shall pass through with good score – Thus Gujarat Education system Efficiency is barely 2% or 2% education rate.

Not Even One With Inventing Grade.

This is absolutely PATHETIC.

When we tolerate DULLARD grade politicians we get DULLARD GRADE Education.

Supreme Court of India should intervene in this – Prescribe QUALIFICATION LEVELS FOR POLITICIANS – UPSC Like test.

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