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Finch Farm has a new sponsor... & it's linked to one of the world's richest men

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Anne Bayley - Everton's training ground will be renamed USM Finch Farm after the Blues revealed a multi-billion-pound Russian holding company as one of their lucrative new sponsors. The five-year naming rights d...

The Truth About Extreme Planking

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Runner's World - Related: 10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners And you can’t possibly know that, while I was exchanging emails with Hoel for this article, his record was being shattered by George Hood, a 57-...

How Do Americans Get Rich? (And Stay Rich?) - Evonomics

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Ronny - It’s the American dream. A third of Americans think they’ll be rich someday. More than half of 18–29 year olds think they will be. Less than 5% actually make it.* And many of those do it the old-fa...

Rex Tillerson Embraces Biggest Oil Rivals in Personal Portfolio

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Macjik - Rex Tillerson’s personal investment portfolio includes stakes in some of the toughest competitors he battled for market share as chairman and chief executive officer of Exxon Mobil Corp. Tillerson,...

Doğan says holding's executives have no links to Gülen movement - Turkish Minute

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Turkish Minute - Doğan Holding owner and honorary president Aydın Doğan has reacted against the detention of two holding executives on Thursday due to their alleged links to the faith-based Gülen movement, saying t...

Yet Another 3D Printed Phone Stand

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Alice Keeler - I got tired of laying my phone down next to my computer - so I wanted a simple phone stand that would stand my phone upright or sideways so I could see it and use it. Of course there are likely che...
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Another "Gun Free Zone," Another Mass Killing

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Rob LaRosa - A deeply mentally-ill man known to the FBI flew from Alaska to Florida, took a Walther PPS 9mm pistol out of his checked luggage inside an airport bathroom near the baggage claim, loaded it, and th...
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Atlantid – Tomes 1~3 - Manga Mag

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Manga Mag - Au mois de mars dernier, nous vous présentions la chronique du tome 1 de la série Atlantid, première série de Hidenori YAMAJI, parue en 3 tomes chez Kana entre février et novembre 2016. L’histoire ...
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