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Rs 500 crore routed to Karnataka co-operative banks in 6 days after note ban - Times of India

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Times of India - BENGALURU: Deposits totalling over Rs 500 crore were reportedly made in select district central co-operative (DCC) banks across the state, between November 9 and 14. The income tax department and t...

Ten Things Whose Purpose We Could Never Have Guessed

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Disney - There’s a multitude of things that we see all around us on a daily basis, yet we don’t know what these things are really for. We at Bright Side are curious people by nature, so we decided to uncove...

This Movie Star Was Asked If God Existed. His Response Left Jaws On The Floor

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Disney - Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was asked what carried him through some of the hardest times in his life before reaching success. There are plenty of celebrities who don’t believe in God, and Dwayne John...

George Michael: pop icon who caught the spirit of the 1980s - London (AFP) - George Michael, who has died aged 53, was a teenage heartthrob turned superstar singer-songwriter whose smooth vocals belied a personal life shadowed by drug problems and heartbreak....

The Arctic Is Warming Twice As Fast As The Rest Of The Planet

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Disney - Once 2016 comes to a close, the Arctic will have experienced its hottest year on record, and researchers have found that it’s now warming twice as fast as any other place on Earth. According to the...

Are you throwing away food that's still safe to eat?

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Food Tank - The "use by" date is for foods that could become unsafe if not used before a certain date, such as meat, fish and dairy products. It's particularly important for pregnant women, older people and th...

35 Things All Early-’00s Teen Girls Desperately Wanted For Christmas

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Disney - The monograms were an unsubtle way to brag that you had been gifted a pricier-than-average bag. Basically, you just wanted to say, “YES, my parents spoil me this much!” Of course you needed the sho...
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Demonetisation Decimates Ranchi’s Economy

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Ankit Lal - Reports of the devastating effects of demonetisation on India’s economy have been pouring from all over the country in recent weeks. For instance, there have been reports of To get a clearer pictur...

Sebi begins action in NDTV ownership case - Sebi begins action in NDTV ownership case Action is for not having made a public announcement in 2009 of a 'change of control' of the company The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has i...
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'Dirty Tricks' After I Was Made AAP's CM Face in Goa: Elvis Gomes

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Tania Rai - Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced former Goa's Inspector General of Prison Elvis Gomes as party's chief ministerial candidate for the upcomi...

Under the Guise of Public Safety, China Demolishes Thousands of Mosques - The Chinese government has destroyed thousands of mosques over the past three months in the restive Xinjiang region in Beijing’s latest attempt to “rectify” the largely Muslim population there, RFA...
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7-Year-Old Hasn’t Seen Navy Dad In 7 Months — Then She Hears His Name And Breaks Down

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Disney - Things have been busy for 7-year-old Hayley McGregor lately; she just welcomed a new baby brother, she’s been working hard in school to get good grades, and she’s been really focusing on her cheerl...

Mann Ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi lauds cricketers, junior hockey team

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PMO India - New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lauded the national cricket team and the junior hockey side for their recent successes, saying that their performances have done the country proud....
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Weighing In On The Sum Total Of Humanity's Junk

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Forbes India - Over the course of history, humans have made a lot of stuff -- buildings, bottles, oil tankers, iPhones. Some of it is useful; a lot of it ends up being junk. It's more than enough to leave behind ...

Green Gold: Growing Jet Fuel in the Desert

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Lauri Kinnunen

Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons by Daesh / ISIS

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IDSA, New Delhi

The Role of Human Immune System in Curing Cancers

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Sucheta Dalal

Protein hype: shoppers flushing money down the toilet, say experts

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Guardian news

First Aid | National Health Portal Of India

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Not a promissory note

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Down To Earth - Money is meant to circulate. And its circulation is what we call the economy. On November 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an unexpected televised speech, put a curb on this circulation. The gov...

#Demonetisation: A boon or bane for the realty sector?

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We might never know the real pain of note ban: Esther Duflo

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Demonetisation has become "albatross around the neck" for PM Modi: Mayawati

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Social Media Marketing During The Holiday Season - Though thе wоrld may seem lаrgе, wе’rе closer tо оnе аnоthеr than еvеr before thanks tо ѕосіаl media. While these nеw innovations mіght mаkе lіfе mоrе convenient fоr реорlе whо thrіvе on rеасhіng о...

Juan Llanos Explains How DIgital Currency Will End Poverty — DailyWarren

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Warren Whitlock
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