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Mark Zuckerberg Is in Denial

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Jeff CK Au - In 2010, researchers working with Facebook conducted an experiment on 61 million users in the United States right before the midterm elections. One group was shown a “go vote” message as a plain bo...

The Facebook Algorithm: What You Need to Know to Boost Organic Reach - Facebook boasts a whopping 1.65 billion monthly active users. It remains the most-used social media site among all ages, accounting for one in every six minutes spent online and one in every five m...

Facebook Wanted A Fight Against Fake News. It Got One.

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Jonathan Abrams - You might expect Allen Montgomery to be deferential toward Facebook, given that the $300 billion company is both his biggest nemesis and financial lifeline. Nope. If anything, the proprietor of the...

Top 30 Cloud Computing Blogs For Latest Cloud Technology News

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Feedspot Blog - Want to stay up-to-date on the latest, most important trends in cloud computing? We have compiled a list of the Best Cloud Computing blogs, your one-stop source for cloud computing, with everything...

États-Unis. New Balance, Trump et les néonazis : décryptage d’une étrange polémique

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jan vailhé - Tout commence moins de vingt-quatre heures après l’élection de Donald Trump. Interrogé par une journaliste du Wall Street Journal sur l’Accord de partenariat transpacifique (TTP), Matthew LeBretton...

How Facebook’s News Feed Works – As Explained by Facebook

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Alex Stojkovic - Facebook’s recent F8 conference was a huge event, with a heap of information on new products, projects and the future ambitions of Zuckerberg's ever-expanding social behemoth. In fact, there was so...
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Memo to AP: Twitter is the newswire now - Updated: It’s a distributed digital-information network that gives subscribers short news updates in something approaching real time, whether on the web or a mobile device. If you said Twitter, you...
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Neues US-Kabinett: Trump vergibt die ersten Posten

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Einformativo - Der designierte US-Präsident Donald Trump hat erste Entscheidungen für zentrale Positionen seiner Regierung getroffen. Der ehemalige General Michael Flynn wird nationaler Sicherheitsberater. Als Ch...
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