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Google and Facebook Take Aim at Fake News Sites

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Adam Gwiazda - Over the last week, two of the world’s biggest internet companies have faced mounting criticism over how fake news on their sites may have influenced the presidential election’s outcome. On Monday,...

This Is How Facebook Is Radicalizing You

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Aditi Mittal - On December 17, 2013, Facebook announced that videos on your News Feed would start autoplaying. They would mute on default and, at the end of the video, it’d have a carousel featuring related video...

British, Dutch WWII shipwrecks vanish from Pacific Ocean

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Msh Cnn - "The [Dutch] MOD very much deplores the fact the ships are gone. After all, we have to treat this matter with care, we are talking about a very important war grave," a Dutch MOD spokesman told CNN....

Anti-Muslim Buddhist monk in Myanmar: Trump 'similar to me'

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Nathan Johnson - MANDALAY, Myanmar (AP) — Shunned by Myanmar's new government and its Buddhist hierarchy, a nationalist monk blamed for whipping up at times bloody anti-Muslim fervor said he feels vindicated by U.S...

超新星 ソンジェ、後悔のない明日のために - INTERVIEW - 韓流・韓国芸能ニュースはKstyle - 超新星 ソンジェ、後悔のない明日のために 「多くの人に存在を知らせたい」 今後の活動計画についての質問に、デビューしたての新人が言いそうな答えが返ってきた。今年でデビュー10年になるボーイズグループ超新星のソンジェがその主人公だ。彼は2007年にデビューしてからずっと、超新星のメンバーとして活動している。先日、軍服務を終え、いつのまにか年齢も30歳(数え年)を越えた。入隊という人生のターニン...

Here's How Fake Election News Outperformed Real Election News On Facebook

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Nicolas Oppenot - In the final three months of the US presidential campaign, the top-performing fake election news stories on Facebook generated more engagement than the top stories from major news outlets such as t...
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Dude Who Makes $10,000 a Month Writing Fake News Says He Helped Trump Win the Election

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shahiem hardy - Social media played a huge role in this year's election. Our president-elect Donald Trump is notorious for his use of Twitter, and some of his biggest supporters are now being suspended from the so...
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