Naresh Kumar Sagar
Train derailment
Indore Patna bound rail derail near Kanpur at 3AM killing more than sixty person injuring score. Injured rushed to hospital. Daily 23 million passenger and million tons load needs re strengthening and revamping with latest technology . Death toll rise to 91 as per latest reports .
South Korean scandal : South Korean President two friends are found in criminal act coercion acts and President Park an accomplice. Thus opposition is on streets protesting, the National assembly wants thorough probe but President with immune powers silent on the subject waiting the subject blow over but the acts are so intense President Park is asked to resign.
Milkha said during press conference he was impressed by President Obama and PM Modi. President Obama said he knows Milkha Singh Shah Rukh Khan Marry Com . And Modi from humble beginning doing great job to nation.
International sneak peek
November 19, 2016
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