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Is RBI Governor’s Wife Really Nita Ambani’s Sister??

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A Kashmiri Muslim’s Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi Which Went VIRAL on Social Media!

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V K SHARMA - Afzal Rehman, a Kashmiri Muslim wrote an open letter to Narendra Modi after demonetization was announced last week. He writes, not many people know that life of a Kashmiri is very difficult when co...

10 Year Long Wait Ends! Indian Army Gets Sophisticated Bullet Proof Jackets!

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radha raju - Bullet-proof jackets can be the difference between life & death for our soldiers, yet for almost a decade our soldiers were left purely at the mercy of their luck when facing terrorists, cross-bord...

VIRAL SACH EXPOSED! Is RBI Governor’s Wife Really Nita Ambani’s Sister??

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V K SHARMA - From many days there has been a message that is being circulated in every social media platform and what’s app that RBI governor Urjit Patel’s wife is Nita Ambani’s sister and therefore the demonet...

Is Demonetization the Beginning of the End of Kejriwal??

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V K SHARMA - Kejriwals of Indian politics are half dead…period! Please don’t revive them by your response to their rants. After the strong pest killer sprayer by PM Modi called ‘Demonetization’ the hidden cockr...

$40bn to save Jakarta: the story of the Great Garuda

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The Guardian - With her hand stretched upward, the elderly storekeeper in batik dress and white headscarf indicates the height of the waters that poured into her home in Jakarta’s great flood of 2007. Sukaesih is...

5 Things You Need to Know About Taking Risks as an Entrepreneur

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40Billion - It's impossible to be an entrepreneur without taking a huge amount of risk. Risk is inherent to the whole process, no matter what part of the world you're from. But people take those risks all the ...

Demonetisation: Banning notes will not curb black money, says think tank that called for demonetisation - The Economic Times

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Alka Lamba - Until a couple of weeks ago, few had heard about Anil Bokil or the socioeconomic thinktank he founded, the Arthakranti Pratishthan. On the street, he would not even have invited a fleeting glance. ...
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‘In 1971, Muslims murdered 2.4 million Hindus and raped 200,000 Hindu women’

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V K SHARMA - Will the Muslim violence against the Indian people, and the contamination of barbaric Islamic ideals blended into their culture, ever end? The Israeli’s and Hindus are the largest victims of perpet...

The mothers place their unwanted babies into a box in the wall and walk away, no questions asked

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Ferhide - Every year in Seoul, hundreds of newborns are abandoned and left in the streets. Most of them are mentally or physically disabled, or have unmarried parents. South Korea is an extremely religious c...
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Vine Goes Away, and How Marketers Should Be Doing Video Now | Simply Measured - Today, Twitter announced that they will be shutting down the short-form video app in the “coming months.” At first glance, this might come as a shock to many marketers, seeing as Vine boasts 200M M...

Demonetisation: Kashmiri youth writes to PM, read viral letter here

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Bhakt - New Delhi, Nov 22: The demonetisation of high value currency notes announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 has raised eyebrows of Opposition. The united Opposition escalated its att...
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Hollande et le secret défense : une enquête judiciaire ouverte - - L'enquête va-t-elle interroger le rôle de François Hollande dans la diffusion du document "secret défense"? (Reuters) La séquence autour des confessions de François Hollande, notamment dans le livr...

Sarkozy en maître du monde - - A sa manière: casser le jeu pour parvenir à ses fins. Que le G20 ait un sens pour le commun des mortels, pas seulement les experts qui liront jusqu'au bout le document final. Sarkozy chapitre ses p...
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You think this couple is dancing alone? Take a closer look and you'll see ALL eyes are on them!

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Ferhide - Her parents were shocked when she was born. But what she does with her special daughter is wonderful. We all look different, don't we? Dying woman lays in hospital bed. Therapy dog tenderly comfort...

Are You Making These 4 Leadership Mistakes?

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'Sampaolillo', la fórmula mágica del Sevilla en la Champions

El Leicester City de las dos caras

Jorge Jesús, 'o professor' de la táctica portuguesa

NBA: Miami Heat to retire Shaq’s jersey next month against Lakers

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She was trapped underwater in her car, but luckly she knew THIS. Unbelievable

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Ferhide - Unless you have James Bond's car, landing your ride in the water is probably a nightmare scenario. But it doesn't have to be. A sinking car is a highly survivable situation if you know what to do. ...

5 Things Your Brand Isn’t Doing on LinkedIn (But Should Be)

Huawei wins smart city award | Smart Buildings

Cisco Showcases Data-Sharing Digital Platform at Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

FREE Unique Article Creator Online

The Powerful 17 Step Journey of a Simple Tweet

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Opposition wants discussion: Ghulam Nabi Azad

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The Hindu - Demonetisation continued to rock Parliament on Tuesday and both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha faced adjournments. On Monday, a united Opposition forced adjournments in both the Houses. After th...

Demonetisation: Maharashtra retailers demand relief in levies, taxes

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How demonetisation has eclipsed the joy of this wedding season

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Times of India

High Court to Hear Pleas Against Demonetisation on December 8

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