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Trump’s Campaign Is Launching a Nightly News Show on Facebook

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Chester Stoll - Tonight, the Trump campaign is kicking off a show that will air on the candidate’s Facebook page every night at 6:30 pm ET via Facebook Live from the campaign war room at Trump Tower. The show will...

Dear Media, only liberals can call for a political revolution? - David Clarke - It’s incredible that our institutions of gov, WH, Congress, DOJ, and big media are corrupt & all we do is bitch. Pitchforks and torches time — David A. Clarke, Jr. (@Sher...

Want to save the Republican Party? Drain the right-wing media swamp.

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Bryan - Donald Trump looks likely to get a whupping (or, to use his preferred Yiddishism, schlonging) in a few weeks. Forecasts suggest many of his down-ballot co-partisans will as well. No doubt, should t...

Communal violence in Bengal: how the (social) media helps trigger incidents

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vijay kumar - In this age of social media, the grim business of inciting communal violence has changed drastically. Instead of calls from religious institutions, the message comes straight into your phone. Hatre...

The Media’s Moment of Truth

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ProfD - The media’s responsibility for Donald Trump’s political success will be debated for a good long while, with the network honcho Les Moonves’s words about Trump’s candidacy (“It may not be good for A...

The Complete Emoji Guide for Social Media Marketers

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Camilla Bradley - You can’t ignore them any longer—emoji are here to stay. Once confined to adolescent instant messages, these little cartoons now pervade our texts and social media posts. Including emoji in Tweets ...

The Top 26 Social Media KPIs Marketers Can't Ignore - Hootsuite Social Media Management

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Spectre - How do you measure social? If you’re a social media marketer, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your boss has asked you to provide results showcasing your efforts. You might have initially been baff...
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NEWS: PPA Business Media Summit & Awards

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con skelsey - It seems I’m filling up my headlines with photos of awards ceremonies this month! And with good reason as I have attended many wonderful events in November, one of which was the PPA Business Media ...
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USA Today columnist: Of course the media are rigging the election - It's one thing when Trump says it, and it's one thing when we say it. Michael Wolff is a longtime USA Today columnist and frequent media critic - and he's no fan of Donald Trump, to put it mildly. ...
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Desperate Liberal Media Works Overtime to Cover for Their Crooked Candidate - Our North Kora-style government-run propaganda media exists solely to get Hillary Clinton elected and keep the global liberal train running at full speed. They have thrown facts, reporting, news, a...
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The 60 Best Marketing Speakers To Rock Your Event | Marketing Insider Group - When it comes to developing our skills as marketers, content providers and world-class communicators, it helps to learn from the best marketing speakers the world has to offer. Speaking at Marketin...

Paid Media vs Earned Media: What's the difference? - BlogPaws

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Pamela Emory
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