Criminologist Demands RBI to Seize all bank accounts of Lions & Rotary Clubs and ED to arrest their signing authorities

Criminologist Demands RBI to Seize all bank accounts of Lions & Rotary Clubs and ED to arrest their signing authorities
As per Criminologist Snehil Dhall the 100 years old American based NGOs are one of the largest organizations for money laundering under Transnational Organized Crime violations.

Mumbai: Evaluating and researching about various kinds of ‘NO LAW NO PUNISHMENT’ crimes is what Dhall has been carrying since past few years but he chooses not to file a formal complaint with any authority. He prefers that the government should consider their own Suo-Moto actions if they wish to prosecute the culprits since these are crimes are unknown to the citizens who are committing them as well. In a detailed evaluation of the case, Criminologist Snehil Dhall verified a well structured organized crime under money laundering activities with the young-wing of Lions Club called Leo Clubs of the region Bandra to Dahanu. The same was verified with the adult wing i.e. Lions Club followed by their upper hierarchy till Lions Club International at Chicago, USA. The details confirmed that the Americans will not take any responsibility of any criminal activities committed by their clubs in local level that includes money laundering and other white-collar crimes. But at the same time they also do not update their clubs and members that every club is suppose to compile with their own country laws which in specific terms is the registration of NGO with Trust Commission of India (TCI). As per Dhall the reasons for this criminal manipulation is because Lions and Rotary are interested only in taking the registration fees which they charge in US Dollars and if every club starts registering themselves with TCI then the documentation hassle could discourage many from becoming a member or forming new clubs.

With various notices and RTI’s the Lions Club International and the Government both are not aware of the total number of clubs and members they have in the country due to which the entire banking industry comes under the radar since they are allowing the opening of all such bank accounts for these unregistered clubs. The transaction has been roughly estimated to be over Rs. 5000 Crores per year and to escape from the taxation departments, most clubs choose to change their bank accounts and signatories every year as their managing committee changes after yearly elections for the same. Dhall’s evaluations with Lions Club International were later cross-verified with Rotary International and their organization’s structural default is also exactly similar. It takes only one fancy Registration Certificate which is couriered by Americans and most Indians assume they are registered as a legitimate NGO. A detailed evaluation of White-Collar Organized Crime by Criminologist Snehil Dhall confirmed that approx 3 out of 10 of these clubs are not registered with TCI but they continue to operate as NGO, whereas, maybe only 1 out of these 3 are updating their financials to the government agencies. Currently, he wants the Reserve Bank of India to seize all the bank accounts of Lions Club, Leo Club, Rotary Club, Rotract Club and other unregistered NGO’s that are not on record with TCI and also get all the Authorized Signatories of these Clubs to be arrested. Every club do share their books of accounts, balance sheet and profit & loss statement with their own members but these reports are never shown to the government and most of these donations are used for converting black money to white or they are unaccounted.

In addition, most of these Lions & Rotary have a youth wing called Leo Clubs and Rotract Clubs respectively, which are shown as sister-concern of the parent club but unfortunately even they are not registered with the TCI. Both the parent and sister-concern have their own bank accounts and a well structured international operational format but all of them are not registered with anyone which helps everyone to show the world as they are legitimate but the organizations is used only for conversion and money laundering in various administrative format. The crime doesn’t stop here since the International format needs large administrating committees that are based on kilometres and number of members within a village, city, district, states, zones, countries, continent and finally the International Head-Office. These administrative boards are again not registered with any government body and they charge a fee from the club and their members to administrate them, however, all these amount are also unaccounted. All these details were personally verified and were concluded when the same was escalated from District Lions Club upto the American Head-office in which they demanded a sum of Rs. 75,000 (in USD) for any arbitration that will be carried as per American Arbitration Laws and not as per India Laws. Since these clubs are in various jurisdictions, Dhall confirms to support every Government and Human Rights Activist to bring all these funds to its legitimate identity and mentioned his report has been filed by him for relevant legal action through his legal team of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Advocate Mareesh Sahay. This amount could be used for any kind of terrorist or criminal activity and the government should take a Suo-Moto action as they fit to get all the funds seized and be transferred to Prime Minister’s relief funds for the benefit of India. In addition, he also requests that all Indian should spend the registration fees of Lions & Rotary to utilize directly for India’s growth and boycott all such American NGOs just the way Chinese products have been boycotted by many Indians since the funds shouldn’t be diverted to Americans for carrying humanitarian support in India.
Thank You

Criminologist Snehil Dhall
+91-98217-29876 (India); +44-77297-38978 (U.K)
www.crimeophobia.comwww.iics.org.in; snehildhall@crimeophobia.com; snehil.dhall@gmail.com
BA (HONS) Criminology – United KingdomInternational Baccalaureate Diploma – Singapore
  • Founder & Director: Crimeophobia Limited (England & Wales) Proprietor (India)
  • Founder: International Institute of Criminology Studies; Victim Support; Crimeophobia e-news; Crimeophobia Productions
  • Head of Transnational Organized Crime Research Department: OCST (INDIA)
  • Hindu Crime Researcher: In collaboration with International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON – India)
Crimeophobia Video Profile:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEMj4kYlEzo
International Institute of Criminology Studeis (Criminology Theory Presentation): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rvj6633RJpM


UN- India and Bhutan-logo

10 October 2016


Message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon  

The death penalty is a cruel and inhumane practice.  It has no place in the twenty-first century.
This year’s World Day against the Death Penalty focuses on terrorism-related offenses.  Around the world, 65 countries retain the death penalty for such crimes.  To be legitimate and effective, counter-terror measures, like all security operations, must be anchored in respect for human rights and the rule of law. 
Yet death sentences for terrorism are often handed down after unfair and speedy trials by military or special courts.  Confessions are often obtained under duress or in other ways in which the right to appeal is not respected.  Some States even seek to criminalize the legitimate exercise of fundamental freedoms by including vague definitions in counter-terrorism legislation.
Let us be clear:  participation in peaceful protests and criticism of a Government — whether in private, on the Internet or in the media — are neither crimes nor terrorist acts.  The threat or use of the death penalty in such cases is an egregious violation of human rights.
Some may argue that capital punishment will diminish terrorism.  This is not true.  Experience has shown that putting terrorists to death serves as propaganda for their movements by creating perceived martyrs and making their macabre recruiting campaigns more effective.
Maintaining the rule of law and respect for human rights — even in the face of terrorism and violent extremism — is an obligation that will boost society’s ability to address terrorist threats. 
Let us continue our work to abolish the death penalty in all circumstances and places.  Let our actions always be guided by the moral compass of human rights — the most effective route to a safer, more just and secure world.

Halla Bol Season II

An awareness drive for Women Safety Security, Self Defence,

Cyber Safety, Drug Free and Healthy Life

12.5+ lakh people participated across Gujarat

Which is being supported by Narcotics Control Bureau, Surakshasetu Society of Gujarat Gov, Healthy Campus, PoliceHEART 1091,Education Department, ICDS- Women & Child Development Department, Directorate of Employment and Training and Rural Development Department of  of Gujarat
From 5th August to 9th September 2016  Halla Bol Season  II sessions were held all over Gujarat.
  • More then 2400 Schools/Colleges  (Education Department of Gujarat) held sessions directly or thru Vande Gujarat Channel
  • More then 300 corporates/MSME/SME
  • More then  50 KVK and ITI’s  (Directorate of Employment and Training of Gujarat) held sessions directly or thru Vande Gujarat Channel
  • More then 25,000 Anganwadis (ICDS-Women and Child development department of Gujarat) held sessions thru Vande Gujarat Channel
  • More then 15,000 Villages (Rural Development Department of Gujarat) held session thur Vande Gujarat Channel
Supported by

To Join Halla Bol Whatsapp group send message on 7878006000

Click below links for Videos and Photographs

Hon’ld  Governorshri of  Gujarat Shri  O.P Kohli was the Chief Guest for the closing ceremony.

Other dignitaries present for different sessions at various places were
  1. Shri. Gautam Shah, Mayor Ahmedabad
  2. Shri V.M. Parghi, IPS ADGP Law and Order
  3. Shri Anil Pratham, IPS ADGP, Women Cell CID Crime
  4. Shri. P.D. Vaghela, IAS Commissioner Commercial Tax Dept
  5. Shri. Yogesh Gadhvi, Chairman Gujarat Rajya Sangeet Academy
  6. Shri. M.N.Patel Gujarat University Vice Chancellor
  7. Smt. Rajul Gajjar Gujarat Technology University, I/C Vice Chancellor
  8. Dr. Harbeen Arora Chancellor Rai University
  9. Dr. Anup Singh Director General Nirma University
  10. Shri Shailesh Patwari, Vice President  Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI)
The sessions Halla Bol season 2  From 5th August to 9th September 2016  which were conducted all over Gujarat had the Event Flow as below   (approx 50 minutes)
  • Welcome Speech by Head of the place
  • Video Speech (Shri Anandiben Patel, Former Hon’ld Chief Minister – Gujarat)
  • Video Speech  (Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasma Hon’ld Education – Minister – Gujarat)
  • Video speech (Shri Rajnibha Patel, Former Hon’ld Home Minister – Gujarat)
  • Video presentation – Explaining the concept of PoliceHEART 1091 (Ruzan Khambatta, Founder PoliceHEART 1091) – Women Safety-Security, Zero Tolerance , Mental Drill (how to overpower a person mentally) Self Defense  and cyber safety tips
  • Video presentation – Explaining about the concept of Healthy Campus initiative by Shri Hari Om Gandhi Zonal Director Narcotics Control Bureau
  • Film on Defence O Dance (Learn the Art of Defence with a Twist of Dance)
  • Film of Akshay Kumar talking about Drugs abuse and healthy living.
  • Presentation  by Halla Bol Volunteer and  other related activities
  • Distribution of Leaflets, Registration Form or  download of app & online registration
  • Digital certificates to participants who have registered online during the Halla Bol Seminar
    • Volunteer will give certificate of appreciation/ momento to the head of the place
    • Vote of thanks
Halla Bol Challenge – Push-ups. Plank and Arm Wrestling
  • Digital certificates of Halla Bol Challenge  to participants who have registered online
  • All winners were given Halla Bol Challenge Certificate
  • All  volunteers were given  Certificate of Appreciation

Bangladesh thump England 52-18

 Bangladesh showed their title credentials as they cruised to an easy 52-18 win over England
Riding on excellent performances by their raiders, Bangladesh notched a comfortable 52-18 win over England in the second match of Group A of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. Captain Aruduzzaman Munshi led the scoring charts with eight points as Bangladesh raiders scored 34 points. England’s defence had a night to forget as they not only failed to score too many points but also allowed easy bonus points to Bangladesh on numerous occasions.
Bangladesh were first out of the blocks and led 2-0 after two minutes. England’s Keshav Gupta scored his team’s first point in the third minute. Bangladesh scored three bonus points in four minutes to lead 4-1. The English defence scored their first point in the fifth minute as they trailed 2-6. Bangladesh skipper Aruduzzaman Munshi scored his third point in the sixth minute with Bangladesh scoring bonus points at will. Englad captain Someshwar Kalia opened his account with a raid in the eighth minute as England trailed 3-7. England were struggling to come to the grips with the game as they scored just four points in the first 10 minutes. Both teams’ defence struggled as they scored just one defensive point in 10 minutes.
England were staring at an all out as they were reduced to just two men but they forced a super tackle in 13th minute with Someshwar Kalia putting in a critical challenge. Bangladesh, however, inflicted an all out in the 15th minute to lead 17-6. Bangladesh were cruising for most of the first half as they opened a 12-point gap in the 17th minute. Keshav Gupta scored his second point of the match in 18th minute as England trailed 9-20. Aruduzzaman Munshi was the most prolific of Bangladesh raiders and scored with five of his six raids in the first half. Zakir Hossain scored with a super raid in the 20thminute as Bangladesh led 23-9 at the end of the first half.

The second half began evenly as both teams traded raid points with Bangladesh leading 24-10 after 23 minutes. England’s defence made a silly error in 25th minute as Bangladesh duly inflicted an all out to lead 31-11 after 26 minutes. The English defence scored their fourth defence point of the evening in 29th minute as they trailed 13-33.

Bangladesh raiders scored with ease as they opened a 25-point gap in the 33rd minute and England were reduced to just one man. Bangladesh led 42-13 as they inflicted another all out in the 34th minute. Tope Adewalure restored some pride for England with a super raid in 36th minute as Bangladesh led 44-16. Bangladesh showed their strong deep roots in Kabaddi as they were relentless throughout the match and won 52-18.

Bangladesh next play hosts India in a crucial tie on Tuesday whereas England will look to reverse their fortunes when they take on Australia on Monday.


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