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Good thoughts to start the first day of the rest of your life!

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Summer Crew - In front of the room, a confident young woman walked about, leading and explaining stress management to an audience, then she raised a glass of water, and everyone knew she was going to ask the ult...

What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone

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Tia BOOllard. - When my Mom was dying, my siblings and I gathered to be with her in her final days. None of us knew anything about supporting someone in her transition out of this life into the next, but we were p...

I Don’t Usually Give Up But I’m Giving Up On Love

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douniabradaai - I usually try to be brave. I try to be hopeful. I try to be optimistic but lately reality has been challenging me, it’s been raining on my rainbows and casting a shadow over my sunshine. I’m tired ...

Nessuna proposta da Vivendi, Mediaset ko in borsa -

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MilanoFinanza - Contrordine. Vivendi  non starebbe preparando una nuova offerta per Mediaset  Premium, messa troppo male. La pay tv del gruppo del Biscione ha infatti approvato un aumento di capitale in due tranch...

Dubai Holding to develop mega smart city in South Korea - Dubai Holding, a state-run investment company, has announced the launch of a multi-billion-dollar SmartCity project in South Korea covering a 51-million-sq-ft area. The project will be strategicall...

12 tips to build your leadership team

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Harold Deeming - Ron owned a $12 million per year manufacturing company making industrial control parts to automate manufacturing processes. 25 years earlier Ron had started his company out of his garage and slowly...
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Ukrainian war prisoners languish in limbo on both sides

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Sumeshco - KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Just three days after Ukrainian soldier Oleksandr Lazarenko was taken prisoner in the war in Ukraine's east, a peace agreement was signed under which the sides agreed to an "al...
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Convicted and Compassionate--a Matter of Perspective - Sometimes a new perspective can hit you on the head a la "I could've had a V-8!" (a reference for those who are 40+). For me, it happened a few years ago when I had the good fortune of working with...
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