Invitation to participate/Nominate and in 2nd BRICS Telecommunications Ministers Meeting
Dear Sir,
We invite you to participate in 2nd BRICS Telecommunications Ministers Meeting being organized by Government of India, DoT to be held at JW Marriot, Bengaluru on 10/11th November, 2016.This is follow up of BRICS Heads of States meeting held at Goa.
Indian Minister of Telecom, Hon'ble Sh Manoj Sinha is joining. Dr Malcolm Johnson, Dy Secretary General, International Telecom Union, ITU, Geneva is also participating. All the four Telecom Ministers from Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa are joining the meet.
BRICS Telecom Ministers/Secretary etc. shall join the conference with about 100 delegates from BRICS Nations. CMAI/TEMA is member of the concerned committee formed by DOT in this behalf.
CMAI Association is hosting High Tea on 11th November, 2016 at JW Marriot. The high tea would coincide with CMAI 2nd GLOBAL ICT Forum and 10th NTA ICT World Communication Awards ( A brief of NTA ICT WCA is given after the signatures). All the BRICS Ministers and DSG, ITU shall be joining with other delegates from BRICS counties.
We invite you to please confirm your participation. You may also like to file nominations for 10th NTA ICT World Communication Awards at deadline for filing nominations is 31st October 2016.
This is a wonderful program to explore business and networking at senior most level in BRICS Nations. As you know through TEPC we are exploring several projects in BRICS countries in the field of telecom.
There would be speaking opportunity from Indian side and present views in various forums.
The participation gives you following edge:
1. As a member of conference, networking with all Ministers, secretaries and other delegation members.
2. Opportunity to speak and give views in the conference
3. Show case products by a booth
4. Get nominated for 10th NTA ICT World Communication Awards.
5. Networking with ITU, Geneva Dy Secretary General.
6. Join Lunch/dinners organized by Government on this occasion
7. Join High tea organized by CMAI/TEMA as VIP Guest.
8. Present views and speak at CMAI 2nd Global ICT Forum
The brief topics of theme for 2nd BRICS Telecommunications Minister’s meeting is –
• Innovation as a growth engine
• e-Governance and m-Governance
• Smart Cities & opportunities
• Manufacturing
• Security challenges in using ICTs and solutions
• New technologies • Research & Development
• Standardization
• Mobile Applications and development
• Last mile solutions
• ICT for Financial Inclusion
For further details and details of ICT WCA Awards etc. please contact Mr. Navtesh at contact no. - +91 9711 869 771 and Ms. Sauravi Dutta & contact no. - +91 8376975258.
Prof N K Goyal
President CMAI Association of India, Chairman Emeritus TEMA
Member Governing Council Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council, Govt. of India
Vice Chairman, ITU APT India, Adviser Gujarat Technological University
Chairman India Trade Promotion Services, Dubai UAE,
Director NFL National Fertilizers Ltd, Govt. of India
president_cmai@cmai. asia,
CMAI NTA ICT World Communication Awards for the last decade are most sought after prestigious industry awards to identify, acknowledge, and recognize outstanding contributions to the field of Communications, ICT and are known to provide greater encouragement and impetus to the players for their contribution in building a robust National Telecom and IT Network and providing an effective means of Communications.
Representatives from NIXI, MNRE, MSME, DOT, DeITy, TEPC, NIELIT etc. are expected to join.
Details for 10th NTA ICT World Communication Awards is available at
Past and Present Supporters for 10th NTA ICT World Communications Awards -
· Government of India, Department of MSME
· Government of India, Department of MNRE
· Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization (CTO-UK),
· Government of India- Telecom Export Promotion Council (TEPC),
· Government of India- National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI),
· Government of India-Department of Electronics and IT- National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT )
· ITU-APT Foundation, Geneva/India
· Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) – Department of Electronics and IT
· Ministry of ICT, Mauritius
· National Computer Board, Mauritius
· And several other international Industry associations.
This conference is to identify research projects and understand research in the field of Digital India by way of new initiatives also to identify new technologies and empowerment by Digital India.
This type of extensive Conference is being held for the first time in India where more than 20 speakers are coming from Abroad. National Telecom Awards/ICT World Communication Awards are being organized for last nine years. These are the only ICT recognition platform show in world which are supported by Government & various associations around the globe & presented by Dr. Hamadoun Toure, Secy Gen, ITU during 2012 & 2013. In 2014 and 2015 NTA ICT was presented by Hon’ble Dr. Malcolm Johnson, DSG, ITU – Geneva.
The event will attract all the senior decision makers in the industry around the globe.
This is also a unique opportunity to highlight Company’s achievements to the assembled dignitaries & wider Telecom community! And also avail the wonderful opportunity to interact and network with dignitaries & wider Telecom.
These Summit will include wider participation from :
Service Providers, Technology Providers, Enterprise Solution Providers, Handset & Equipment Manufacturers, Accessory Manufacturers, E Commerce Companies around the globe, Content Providers & Mobile Applications, Enterprise IT Telecommunications § Network Infrastructure Manufacturers, Companies dealing directly with Education Institutes, Online Content Providers for Education Institutes, Vice Chancellors across India Etc
Dr. Toure, Secy Gen, International Telecom Union quoted in this behalf:
"It is also a great pleasure to see so many delegates here in the audience today. Indeed, I believe that this is the first time that National Telecom Summit & Awards have been organized on such a grand scale in any Country in the world. I am delighted to be a part of the 2013 and 2012 NTA ICT World Communication Awards ( earlier called National Telecom Awards), which I am sure, will have a long-lasting impact on ICT development and international telecom policies, both here in India and around the world”
CMAI Association of India is apex premier and foremost non-profit trade promotion organization with 48,500 members and 54 MOU partners across the globe. CMAI is prominent promoting growth in communications, manufacturing trade sector through Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy, Research, Exhibitions, Trade shows, Conferences and Seminars, Technology events, Buyers-Sellers Meets B2B meetings promotion and fostering business and strategic relationships. More details are available
National Education Awards – National Educational Awards being organized by CMAI Association of India.
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