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Dear N.K ,
With THOUSANDS of visitors and 150 sponsors and exhibitors, 2016 was another record breaking year for Africa Rail as we continue to grow and evolve with the market place.
Over the course of the show many new partnerships were established, products launched and insights shared. Discover what happened at our biggest and best show yet by downloading the post event report here.
2016 stats at a glance
  • 5800 attendees
  • 30 % growth in exhibition size
  • 45% of attendees were buyers from operators, end users and government
To find out more about exhibiting at the show in 2016 contact me on +27 11 516 4044 or
Tarryn Theunissen
Project Director – Transport
Terrapinn South Africa
tel +27 (0) 11 516 4044
cel +27 (0) 79 301 0545

Sagar Media Inc, this is truly inspiring!

Sagar Media Inc, this is truly inspiring!
People like you ensured that 3 petitions got responses from a Union Minister!
An orphanage was saved from being shut down. An online complaint box has been initiated where children can safely report sexual abuse, and the passport procedure for single parents will be simplified.
Sagar Media Inc, every petition you sign makes the community stronger. I want to thank you for playing a role in this.
Head over to, sign and support a petition that you think deserves to be heard.
Thank you for taking action,
Preethi Herman,

The sagar online media Daily

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UP : Activists cry foul as RTI watchdog shuns transparency by


WHO is in process of developing,


Subject:  Plan Meeting of Core Group for Improving Access to Assistive Products and Technology, at UN Conference Room, 55, Lodi Estate, New Delhi, on Wednesday, 7th September 2016 (3:00pm – 5:30pm)

Dear Media Friends

In collaboration with WHO  & UN Information Centre for India & Bhutan, The Cradle is organising a Plan Meeting for improving access to assistive products  and technology, at UN Conference Room, 55 Lodhi Estate, New Delhi on Wednesday, 7thSeptember 2016 (3:00pm – 4:30pm). The objective of the meeting is to plan strategy to convert GATE Initiative into realities for making assistive products accessible to everyone, everywhere. The meeting will deliberate upon the additional tools, which WHO is in process of developing, to assist Member States to develop their National Assistive Technology Policies and Programmes as integral component of universal health coverage.
The Primary Agenda to discuss and deliberate upon are-
  1. Mass Awareness: Assistive Products for Healthy, Productive, Independent & Dignified life
  2. Policy: Assistive Technology Policy Framework
  3. Production: Standardization and Technical Innovations
  4. Provision: Assistive Products service Delivery Model
  5. Personnel: Assistive Products Training Package
  6. Finance & Insurance
The meeting will be followed by a high tea & press briefing at 4:30 pm onward.

You are invited to join us the High-Tea & attend the Press Briefing at UN Conference Room, 55 Lodi Estate, New Delhi.

Please find attached the background note of the Plan Meeting for your ready reference.

Yours Sincerely

RAJIV CHANDRANNational Information Officer

New Global Education Monitoring Report out now

The 2016 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, Education for people and planet: Creating sustainable futures for allUNESCO, is now available.
The GEM Report, which builds on the experience of the previous EFA Global Monitoring Report (GMR) series, received a new mandate to assess the progress of education under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 2016 Report, the first of a new 15-year series, shows that the world risks achieving its key global education commitments half a century late, having huge consequences for major development outcomes. It warns that education needs to fundamentally change if we are to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.
The first half of the Report highlights the ways that education can serve as a catalyst for the overall sustainable development agenda. It presents compelling arguments and evidence for the types of education that are vital for achieving the goals of poverty reduction, hunger eradication, improved health, gender equality and empowerment, sustainable agriculture, resilient cities and more equal, inclusive and just societies.
The second half responds to the Report’s official mandate, tackling the many challenges concerning ways of assessing progress towards the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4), including concrete recommendations for policy change at the national, regional and global level. Each of the seven education targets and three means of implementation in SDG 4 are examined in turn. In addition, education finance and education systems are analysed, as is the extent to which education can be monitored in the other SDG goals.

UNESCO: Education needs to change fundamentally to meet global development goals

Paris, 2 September—The new Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report by UNESCO, shows the potential for education to propel progress towards all global goals outlined in the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs). It also shows that education needs a major transformation to fulfill that potential and meet the current challenges facing humanity and the planet.
There is an urgent need for greater headway in education. On current trends, the world will achieve universal primary education in 2042, universal lower secondary education in 2059 and universal upper secondary education in 2084. This means the world would be half a century late for the 2030 SDG deadline.
The Report, Education for people and planet, shows the need for education systems to step up attention to environmental concerns. While in the majority of countries, education is the best indicator of climate change awareness, half of countries’ curricula worldwide do not explicitly mention climate change or environmental sustainability in their content. In OECD countries, almost 40% of 15-year-old students only have basic knowledge about environmental issues.
“A fundamental change is needed in the way we think about education’s role in global development, because it has a catalytic impact on the well-being of individuals and the future of our planet,” said UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova. “Now, more than ever, education has a responsibility to be in gear with 21st century challenges and aspirations, and foster the right types of values and skills that will lead to sustainable and inclusive growth, and peaceful living together.”
Education systems must take care to protect and respect minority cultures and their associated languages, which contain vital information about the functioning of ecosystems. But the Report shows 40% of the global population are taught in a language they don’t understand.
Education systems need to ensure they are giving people vital skills and knowledge that can support the transition to greener industries, and find new solutions for environmental problems. This also requires education to continue beyond the school walls, in communities and the workplace throughout adulthood. Two-thirds of all adults lack financial literacy; 37% of adults in EU countries attended adult education in 2011. Only 6% of adults in the poorest countries have ever attended literacy programmes.
“If we want a greener planet, and sustainable futures for all, we must ask more from our education systems than just a transfer of knowledge. We need our schools, universities and lifelong learning programmes to focus on economic, environmental and social perspectives that help nurture empowered, critical, mindful and competent citizens.” said Aaron Benavot, Director of the GEM Report.
There is also an urgent need for education systems to impart higher skills aligned with the demands of growing economies, where many jobs are being automated and skill sets are changing fast. On current trends, by 2020, there will be 40 million too few workers with tertiary education relative to demand. The Report shows this change is vital: achieving universal upper secondary education by 2030 in low income countries would lift 60 million out of poverty by 2050.
Inequality in education, interacting with wider disparities, heightens the risk of violence and conflict. Across 22 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, regions that have very low average education had a 50% chance of experiencing conflict within 21 years. The Report calls on governments to start taking inequalities in education seriously, tracking them by collecting information directly from families.
The Report emphasizes that the new global development agenda calls for education ministers and other education actors to work in collaboration with other sectors. It lists various benefits that could come from this way of working, including:
– Health interventions could be delivered through schools: by one estimation, delivering simple treatments such as micronutrient pills through schools would cost one tenth of the price of using mobile health units.
– Farmer field schools could help increase crop yields by 12% leading to sustainable increases in food production
– Educating mothers to lower secondary education in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030 could prevent 3.5 million child deaths between 2050-60.

Modi at G-20 Summit meeting:

ü He said that Global and Public health security an important issue, and it needs global partnership in sharing new vaccines and access to affordable drugs for developing world.
ü He urged international community to act in unity and respond against terrorism.
ü He mentioned that the world economies have to safeguard climate justice which requires affordable financing and environmentally sound technology for developing countries.
ü He also added that our foremost challenge is Climate Change where Paris Agreement showed a way forward and our focus shouldn’t just be on early ratification, but also full success.
ü He also emphasized collaborative action over the next 15 years and laid out specific actions world can take.
ü He also highlighted how Agenda 2030 could be an enabler to transform societies and bridge deep inequalities.
ü He also put forward his vision of transparent, equitable, non-discriminatory, open, inclusive and rule-based global trading arch.
ü He also pointed towards knowledge and innovation driven economy which requires free mobility.


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