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World news in one minute: Find out what happened around the world on 20 August

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@ngetwitsendiri - FSS World News Update - Extreme Weather - Virus Replication - China Nukes - Natural Repellent All links now available at Please thumbs up and Subscribe. In today\'s World N...

Big Data Is Taking The Digital World By Storm » - Ever since big data paved its way into the consumer industry, it has taken the digital world by storm. Retail companies discovered unique ways to leverage consumer behaviour through the data collec...

This White Liberal Reporter Supported Black Lives Matter…Until They TURNED On Him

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trace - The mainstream liberal media will do anything they can to bury stories that they think will harm their agenda, and the ongoing tragedy known as the Milwaukee riots is the most notable omission of n...

Mom Likes Band But Doesn’t Understand Why You Need All The Screaming

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victoria - NEW LONDON, CT — After seeing her son Jimmy’s band, The Worn Path, play at the Waterford VFW for the first time, Barbara “Barb” Lavorgna indicated that — while she thought the band was “great” — sh...

Ted Nugent Begrudgingly Inducted Into Straight Edge Hall of Fame

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Hot Riffs - WASHINGTON – Having reviewed Ted Nugent’s stance on alcohol and drug use, committee members of the Straight Edge Hall of Fame have made the decision to formally induct Nugent despite the numberous ...

Cool Couple Prepares For Blistering Summer Heat By Purchasing Slightly Lighter Beanies

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The Hard Times - BROOKLYN, NY – With summer on the horizon, residents all across the U.S. are packing up their winter belongings and looking forward to the next few months of warm nights and sunny days. One couple,...
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What do people love retweeting? - Twitter Counter Blog

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TheCounter - What makes a tweet worth sharing? Are there certain types of tweets that perform better than others? We looked into Twitter timelines and Social Media research and concluded that this is what peopl...
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Thousands of Homes in Danger as Out of Control Farmer’s Market Moves East

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The Hard Times - COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Federal Fish and Wildlife Service officials warned today that thousands of homes and tens of thousands of acres of protected parkland are in danger as an out of control fa...
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Donald Trump Keeping An Eye On Mexican Pole Vaulting Team - RIO DE JANEIRO – Tensions mounted at the Olympics today, as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continued to insist on keeping heavy surveillance on the pole vaulters representing the nati...
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