The Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium is inviting papers and multimedia contributions for a conference (London, 28-29 Mar 2017) that seeks to explore new configurations of mobility in order to inform migration policy. Abstracts should be submitted by 15 September 2016.More:

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS), Qatar invites proposals for research on the topic of “Mobility, Displacement and Forced Migration in the Middle East”. Proposals must be submitted by 15 September 2016. More:

‘Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society’ invites submissions reflecting approaches to displacement to address and transform central questions in feminist theory. The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2016. More:

The Wales Observatory and Centre for Migration Policy Research is hosting a conference at Swansea University on the forced migration of children on 18-19 November 2016. The deadline for submitting proposals is 1 September 2016. More:

The Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives at the University of Victoria will host a conference (Victoria, Canada, 15-18 May 2017) to discuss the parameters of global displacement. Proposals must be submitted by 15 September 2016. More:

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre has published a report analysing the scale, process and impacts of internal displacement caused by development projects in India. More:

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Turkey orders seizure of assets of 187 businessmen

Turkey has ordered seizure of the assets of 187 businessmen suspected of links to US-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, accused of masterminding last month’s attempted coup. According to State media, police have conducted raids on business establishments of Gulen-linked companies in capital Istanbul and 18 Provinces. Sixty suspects were detained and arrest warrants were issued to 187 suspects including CEOs of leading companies, state media said.
Gulen, a cleric who has lived in self-exile in the United States since 1999, denies his involvement the coup attempt.

New UN ESCAP report highlights alarming disparity in broadband access among Asia-Pacific,East Asian nations

UN- India and Bhutan-logo

19 August 2016

New UN ESCAP report highlights alarming disparity in broadband access among Asia-Pacific countries and broadband concentration in East-Asia

Despite the widely reported phenomenal growth in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Asia-Pacific region, a new study by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), has found that broadband capabilities and access are highly concentrated in East and North-East Asia.
The report titled State of ICT in Asia and the Pacific 2016: Uncovering the Widening Broadband Divide also confirms that the gap between advanced and developing countries in fixed broadband access is indeed widening, and unless targeted policy interventions are put in place, the trend will continue to the detriment of future development opportunities.
The Report shows that 74.89 per cent of total fixed broadband subscriptions in Asia and the Pacific are concentrated in East and North-East Asia, followed by South and South-West Asia (9.77 per cent), North and Central Asia (7.68 per cent), South-East Asia (5.74 per cent) and the Pacific (1.93 per cent), according to the 2015 data.
Findings indicate that over 52.3 per cent of global fixed broadband subscribers now come from ESCAP Member States, a dramatic increase from 2005 when the region constituted only 38.1 per cent. The Report also found that in 2015, less than 2 per cent of the population had adopted fixed broadband in as many as 20 countries in Asia and the Pacific, widening the digital divide between high-income and low-income countries at an alarming
United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Secretary of ESCAP Dr. Shamshad Akhtar underlined that broadband connectivity is a critical foundation for the digital economy and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia-Pacific, and that ESCAP is working with member States to improve broadband access for countries in the region.
“As a result of this digital divide, millions of people are shut out from transformative digital opportunities in education, health, business and financial services,” said Dr. Akhtar. “In response to the widening gap, ESCAP is promoting the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) initiative, to increase the availability and affordability of broadband
Internet across Asia and the Pacific, by strengthening the underlying Internet infrastructure in the region,” she added.
In particular, the Report shows that e-commerce strongly correlates with access to fixed broadband connectivity, suggesting that enhancing ICT infrastructure connectivity would increase business-to-business e-commerce in the region.  The Report also examined emerging trends in developing online content, differential patterns of mobile broadband expansion and usage, as well as the impact of regulatory quality and investment in broadband adoption.

Team Core fitness club partners ‘A Flying Jatt’

A Flying Jatt is a superhero film directed by Remo D’Souza starring Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez & Nathan Jones, produced by Balaji Motion Pictures.
New Delhi,Aug 18, 2016: Team Core, a recently launched state of the art fitness club with it’s first outlet in Pusa Road has announced its collaboration with Balaji Motion Pictures upcoming Superhero film, A Flying Jatt  as “Fitness Partner” 
The superhero flick is set to release worldwide on Aug 25, 2016.
Cheering for the excitement of the much awaited Tiger Shroff starrer, Team Core & the cast of A FlyingJatt, Tiger Shroff, Nathan Jones and Jacqueline Fernandez announced a Meet & Greet at the gym for the members and fans at the fitness club.
Commenting on the partnership with film, Tajinder Singh, Founder, Team Core. said, “We are happy to be associated with the film and have rolled out a social media integrated campaign which addresses a highly relevant audience through this engaging and innovative content. The association will further amplify the reach of Team Core in providing the best in fitness to a wider range of consumers in Delhi and Tiger Shroff being the epitome of real fitness is a perfect match and inspiration for anyone with fitness goals” 
Team Core fitness club, offers a comprehensive range of the most up to date resistance and cardiovascular gym equipment in over 5500 sq. ft area, with fully qualified staff on hand to help members achieve the most from each and every visit. “This is something all fitness enthusiasts would like to experience when they are watching Tiger Shroff & Nathan Jone’s fitness in the movie and our association with “A Flying Jatt”  would definitely transmit this message, more effectively,” added Mr. Tajinder. 
Tiger Shroff who earlier gave a mantra to Team Core – Be Fit! Be Strong! Be A superhero with Team Core and A Flying Jatt!; was present at the Gym with Co-stars Jacqueline Fernandes and Nathan Jones who also spoke about the film and shared anecdotes and fun stories from the set.
Sharing one such story he mentioned how the most difficult thing to do while shooting in the superhero character was to go to ‘suss‘.
Answering on his fitness, Tiger Shroff said that, ”my mantra is to stay happy, disciplined in what I eat, because what we consume  is more important than just working out. So to get a good nutrition value it is very important to concentrate on our diet.”
The stars along with Nathan Jones danced for the kids and families on “Beat pe Booty” the chart-buster from their upcoming film. 
Nathan mentioned how it felt like home, shooting in India with Director Remo and the welcoming co-actors, Jacqueline and Tiger.
About Team Core fitness club
With over 50 work stations and weight sections having weights starting from 2kgs to maximum you can play with, this gym goes by the mantra “Strength within, Pride throughout”.  Team core also offers various other sections for cardio, chests and shoulders, legs and arms functional from 5:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. seven days a week. 
It also offers weekly Zumba, aerobics and dance classes. There is also an equipped steam room available, which you can opt for in the membership package suitable to your requirements.
With full access to wi-fi in the gym premises, team core has come up with a mobile application, which is a boon they are bringing in the field of fitness. They will be offering  an iOS & Android Application where you will be able to give your valuable feedback and get the suggested/available exercise schedule cards right on your smartphone.
So get enrolling and register with flexible options for membership made available for you at a centrally located place to feel like a superhero with the Flying Jatt.
TEAM CORE FITNESS CLUB:  25B 3rd Floor, Pusa Road, New Delhi 110005, INDIA
Thanks & Regards
Vibhuti Sood


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