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歩きスマホにわざと体当たりする人たちがいるので注意喚起 - サブカルチャー ゲーム(+153) アニメ(+22) マンガ(+12) コミケ(+3) アイドル(+51) ボカロ(+10) キャラクター(+5) コラム(+1) コスプレ(+2) 特撮(+4) 注目のまとめ 今週人気のまとめ 新着のまとめ 人気のまとめ 更新済まとめ ゲーム スプラトゥーン 艦これ(+10) アイマス(+4) ボードゲーム(+4) 音ゲー(+2) TRPG(+12) トレー...

At Fox News, Kisses, Innuendo, Propositions and Fears of Reprisal

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Kim Michelsen - In 2006, after nearly a decade at CNN, Rudi Bakhtiar came to the Fox News Channel’s headquarters in New York with a command of foreign policy, an appealing personality and a delivery that easily sw...

How Fox News Fired and Silenced a Female Reporter Who Alleged Sexual Harassment - The Murdochs may have ousted Fox News chief Roger Ailes, but he is still working to cover up claims of sexual harassment at the network. A few hours after Rupert, Lachlan, and James Murdoch announc...

The fall of Roger Ailes: He made Fox News his ‘locker room’ — and now women are telling their stories - The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi explains what’s next for Fox News and the Murdoch family, now that Roger Ailes is out as chairman and chief executive of Fox News. (Peter Stevenson,Jorge Ribas/The ...

BREAKING: Fox Hit With MORE Sexual Harassment Allegations, Goes FAR Beyond Roger Ailes

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burton ramsey - After Roger Ailes, former Fox CEO, was dismissed from the company following sexual harassment allegations made by Gretchen Carlson, a former network anchor, The New York Times reported on the creep...

The Case Against the Media, by the Media

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ARA Network - For decades, the pollsters at Gallup have been asking Americans if they trust their media. In 1974, the year Woodward and Bernstein brought an end to Richard Nixon’s presidency, 69 percent of them ...

8月7日(日)BOYFRIEND NEWシングル発売記念スペシャル特典会開催決定!!

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BOYFRIEND - 8月7日(日)に品川・THE GRAND HALLにて、2016年AW(秋冬)発売予定BOYFRIENDのNEWシングルを前金予約されたお客様・または8月6日、7日会場にてGLIDERをご購入されたお客様を対象に、特典会を開催することが決定いたしました! また、スペシャルイベントとしてサイン会はみなさんの私物にメンバーがサインをする私物サイン会に決定!! 皆さん、ぜひBOYFRIENDに会い...
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China shuts down online news operations: report

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MichelBOfficiel - China has shut down several online news operations after authorities blasted them for independently reporting and publishing articles about potentially sensitive subjects, state media said on Monda...

China Bans Internet News Reporting as Media Crackdown Widens

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Manuel Assad - China’s top internet regulator ordered major online companies including Sina Corp. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. to stop original news reporting, the latest effort by the government to tighten its grip...
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World's Worst Weasel Mortally Wounded: Huge Consequences for us all. - Stupidparty Math v. Myth

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patrick ogle - this year is 2016, the year that everyday is Christmas day.  While some people remain glued to the unraveling hate-fest otherwise known as the GOP convention 2016, salivating over further proof a h...

2016 electorate will be the most diverse in U.S. history

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rosierifka - The U.S. electorate this year will be the country’s most racially and ethnically diverse ever. Nearly one-in-three eligible voters on Election Day (31%) will be Hispanic, black, Asian or another ra...
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About us -

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Beaker - We bring you the biggest breaking stories as they happen, 24 hours a day. Our experienced, caffeinated journalists scour the planet for breaking news, quickly sifting out unconfirmed reports and du...

3. Digital news developments in U.S. presidential campaigns, 2000-2016

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D. Sengupta
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Men drinking craft beer, women eating quinoa, and other millennial foodie trends, ranked

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Voxburner - (Amy King/The Washington Post; iStock) Whether you identify as a foodie or you hate them, you've probably been hard-pressed to avoid the trends they've imposed on our food culture -- such as tapas,...
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Asian millionaires now the wealthiest in the world

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Brad Nelson - Your Asian counterparts are now wealthier than you are. Asian millionaires now control more wealth than their peers in North America, Europe and other regions, according to a new World Wealth Repor...
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What’s Really Happening at Fox News? A Conversation With the Reporter Who Knows the Network Best.

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Joel Bute - On Thursday, Roger Ailes—the man who created the Fox News Channel under Rupert Murdoch and built it into the most powerful and influential cable news network in the country—stepped down. The decisi...
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