Nksagar —
This American election year, a number of organizations are encouraging voters to vote not only with their forks but with their votes—for the kind of food system they want to see happening in their communities.
Earlier this year, Food Tank encouraged the Presidential candidates to answer a series of questions: How would you support small and medium-sized organic farmers? What would you do to eradicate hunger in America, and give families access to wholesome produce? What is your stance on GMO labeling, and what changes would you make towards the current policy?
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According to Plate of the Union, the American Food System is out of balance. Right now, the health of both people and the planet is at risk as food policies prioritize corporate interests. Obesity, type-2 diabetes, and other diet-related diseases are rising—and costing taxpayers billions of dollars every year.
But voters can take action and encourage the next President to fix the broken food system.
Plate of the Union, a consortium of environmental, food, and health groups including the Union of Concerned Scientists, Food Policy Action, and the Health Environment Agriculture Labor Alliance (HEAL), is calling on the next President to take bold action to build a food system that rewards farmers and farming practices that protect the environment, provide dignity and fair wages to workers, and ensure all Americans have access to healthy and affordable food.
Throughout the presidential campaign, Plate of the Union will call on candidates to acknowledge that the food system is broken, hear concerns from people, and propose solutions to fix it. Claire Benjamin Dimattina, Executive Director of Food Policy Action (FPA), said, “Our food system is broken and we see the results of that across the country. We need the candidates for President to acknowledge the problem and make a commitment to solving that issue. We are going to amplify the work of the American people on this issue and make sure our elected officials know that this is an issue they need to be prepared to take on, and we will even help them craft their policies.”
Right now, consumers and voters can track the most important food legislation with FPA’s easy-to-use Scorecard. The National Food Policy Scorecard shows how legislators in the House and Senate voted on important food and farming issues, and which legislators are working toward the sensible food policies our nation and our families need. “The National Food Policy Scorecard is a tool that helps Americans see how our elected leaders vote on food and farm issues,” says Tom Colicchio, celebrity chef and FPA co-founder. “And now, we’re turning our attention to the next president. They must champion laws that prioritize healthy, affordable food.”
Unfortunately, many policies fuel poor health, but Plate of the Union hopes that policymakers will start leading change in the food system from the top.
“Our current system is set up to keep junk food cheap, but these are the same foods that we see driving the rate of chronic health problems,” said Ricardo Salvador, Senior Scientist and Director of the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. “We need to address the root of the problem, instead of spending hundreds of millions [of dollars] only trying to combat the results, by making sure we support the production and consumption of affordable foods.”
Over the summer, Plate of the Union will be traveling the country in the Plate of the Union Food Truck, stopping in communities in battleground states and at both the Democratic and Republican conventions. During these stops, the Plate of the Union team will be growing, engaging, and strengthening a grassroots coalition of Americans who care deeply about food and farm issues and who are ready to see a change in the policies.
“We see how the market has changed when it comes to grocery shopping and eating healthy in our country. We see more farmers’ markets growing in popularity and parents looking to provide the best food for their kids, but we need our policies and Congress to catch up with the public,” said Navina Khanna, Director of the HEAL Food Alliance. “Our next president is going to have a unique opportunity to lead this change and improve the health of Americans across the country.”
Plate of the Union is building a strong voice for all in the food and farm movement. Check out their petition and call on the next President to make real and positive change in the food system in 2017!
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Danielle Nierenberg
President, Food Tank

My phone was stolen and I could do nothing about it. Sign my petition asking TRAI to block stolen phones to discourage thieves.

Dear Naresh,
My phone was stolen. It was worth Rs. 25,000. The data on it was even more precious and very personal.The police have told me that I have no hope of recovering it. 
Sign my petition asking for a stolen phone blocking system so that thieves can’t use or sell the phones they steal. This is the only way we can discourage them from stealing.
Other countries already have systems in place. In the Philippines, you can send an SMS to have the government block your phone. Even Nepal is compiling a phone database for this reason. In India, TRAI can easily block a phone using the IMEI number.
Sign and share my petition so that we get TRAI to notice and respond. It’s an easy fix. If we can block our phones through an SMS, our phones and data might be a lot safer.
Phone theft is a common occurrence. Many of us have experienced the misery of having our expensive phones stolen.It’s time to do something about it.
Thanks for taking action,
Rohit Kakar
Want to change something?
Start a petition.

Hi Naresh, I’m Mike – I’ll book your free flight to dinner

Naresh —
My name is Mike Taylor, and one of the jobs I get to do here at Hillary for America is to call the people who win our contests and tell them the good news — that they get to meet the next President of the United States out on the campaign trail.
Right after that, I get to start booking tickets and travel for the lucky winners and their guests — want me to book tickets for you this time?
This is seriously one of the best parts of my job. The winners are so excited when I call them to let them know they were chosen, and Hillary loves to have a chance to meet with her team.
I’ll get your flights and book your hotel — you won’t have to worry about anything other than what you’re going to say to Hillary and who you’ll choose as your plus one.
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UDAY of Piyush Goyal

UDAY of Piyush Goyal – For  Pollution, Crippling Banking
May25, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh
Losses of DICOMS and real cost of Power Supply is in the range of Rs.7-8 Per unit is entirely due Corrupt & Eccentric Policies of Center in –
Ø    Not Supporting CLEAN HYDRO POWER Multipurpose Projects,
Ø    Supporting TUBEWELL Irrigation than Canal Irrigation.
Ø    Promoting Private Sector & Guarantee 16% to 20% return to promoters,
Ø    Lame Duck MEGA SOLAR Parks than Rooftops – Rs.11 Cr Disadvantage.
Ø    Gross Underutilization of Installed Capacity,
Ø    Neglecting & Incompetent ENERGY EFFICIENCY,
Ø    Gross Incompetence in Generation & Distribution,
Crippling Banking – Rs.10,00,000 Cr Scam
Reducing interest rates on DISCOM Debts ‘Essentially Arising out of Bills of Private Companies’ who charge FAKE DUES & BILL even when Units are not generating, their remote locations etc.
As per Executive Summary for March2016 P-32/40 – Average cost of Supply was Rs.2.54/U in 2004-05 and realization was Rs.2.09/U or Rs.0.45/U Losss.
This had already increased to Rs.501/U Cost & Rs.3.76/U realization in 2012-13 or Rs.1.25/U losses in spite of SUBSTANTIAL TARIFF INCREASES.
Thus DISCOM Losses SHOT UP 177% in 8 Yrs Period – MoP didn’t disclose Supply Cost for last three years – Must Be Between Rs.7/U & Rs.8/U.
CHARGING 8% Interest down from 12.5% to 14.5% would cause Rs.10,00,000 Cr Loss to PSU Banks over 25 Yrs.
As Given in Bullet Points – Loot, Inefficiency Shall Continue in Power Sector, Bank Sector Will Also Collapse.
Bank Loans to Farmers, MSMEs, Industry Shall Be Cut,
More Public Shall Go to MONEYLENDERS for Finance.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857

UNICEF: A Fair Start for Every Child

UNICEF # Fair Start

UNICEF:Fair Start for Every Child, UNICEF India launches public advocacy campaign as part of a media campaign for Every child to have a fair and equal chance in life irrespective of its placement in society.Every Child deserves a #Fair Start.
# Fair Start : UNICEF: A Fair Start for Every Child : A campaign to make-sanitation education food for all children.For some pocket money means wages.Violence and abuse of children needs social attention. Encourage debate to look around to motivate people to mitigate disparity. Reduce social evils open door for all child to have fair chance irrespective of social status.
Naresh Kumar Sagar's photo.
A Fair Start for Every Child
Naresh Kumar Sagar's photo.

NEUFC beats the competition ahead of ISL 2016

NEUFC beats the competition ahead of ISL 2016, successfully signs 5 quality players

Nirmal Chettri , Subrata Paul,  Rowllin Borges, Shouvik Ghosh and  Sumit Passi to provide Sergio Farias with a burgeoning Indian roster

New Delhi, 25 May 2016: NorthEast United Football Club added more pieces to complete their team jigsaw leading upto the Hero India Super League championship, by rolling in Nirmal Chettri, Rowllin Borges, Subrata Paul and Sumit Passi. However, NEUFC successfully warded off competition from other clubs to  secure the signatures of these top and promising players.

The NorthEast United Football Club has been actively gearing up for the soon approaching third edition of ISL. After getting renowned Brazilian Football Manager, Sergio Farias on board as the head coach, the club went on to appoint Jerry and Zuala, the country’s most promising football talent from the LFC-DSK academy. Now, with the addition of Nirmal Chettri; who had finished as a runner-up in ISL-Season 1, Subrata Paul; one of India’s finest goal-keepers, Rowllin Borges; India’s most promising mid-fielder, Sumit Passi; a developing and potent young striker and Shouvik Ghosh; a solid and highly rated full-back , NEUFC has moved closer to completing it’s domestic roster.

Sharing his delight on appointing the young guns of Indian Football, John Abraham, Owner, NEUFC said, “I am absolutely thrilled with the signings of these football talents. Football runs in the blood of Nirmal, Subrata, Rowllin Sumit and Shouvik, a characteristic they have in common with the rest of the young lads at NEUFC. I extend a warm welcome to the new joinees in our growing family of passionate footballers and hope that together, we would achieve smashing results at the soon approaching season of the Hero ISL.”

Highlighting the key value these players would be bringing to the club, Ardeshir Jeejeebhoy, Director of Football for NEUFC said, “We have huge expectations from Nirmal Chettri who has quality I-League, ISL and international experience to strengthen our defense and give us an added edge because he is raring to go.  Rowllin has displayed top form in the past one year a reliable and consistent performer. He is someone who anchors the mid-field and keeps the game ticking over. We definitely see a lot of promise in him in his positioning, passing abilities and foraging runs. Subrata Paul, on the other hand, displays remarkably quick instincts on field. He is a seasoned footballer and definitely would have a lot of wisdom to share with the boys. He commands a lot of respect in the Indian football fraternity being a captain of the National team and we are glad that he is on our side this season. Sumit has been on a remarkable goal-scoring spree in his last six games. He is young, enthusiastic and a team player. Lastly, Shouvik , who had a good first ISL season, is a very dependable and promising young lad who adds grit and steel at the back.

Nirmal Chettri, one of India’s most coveted full-backs shared his excitement, “I cannot wait to start playing for NorthEast United FC. It is my home and I am sure we will have a memorable season…one to remember.”
Rowllin also stated his delight on joining the Highlanders for Season 3 of the ISL, “ I am very happy that I signed for NorthEast United FC. I am looking forward to playing for the club this season and it’s passionate fans and helping it win the League.”

With over 355 I-League and ISL apperances combined between the five players, NEUFC gains experience, youth and talent which will surely be an asset for its campaign in the upcoming season. The addition of these five new players, along with the Brazilian manager, Jerry and Zuala and retainees from last season including TP Rehenesh, Robin Gurung, Seityasen Singh, Reagan Singh and Halicharan Narzary is paving the way for a solid Indian roster for Sergio Farias to choose from.  

About NorthEast United Football Club

NorthEast United FC led by actor/ producer John Abraham, secured the North-East franchise because the region is the epicentre of footballing talent in the country. Thus on 13th April 2014, the Club, which encapsulates all eight states of the north-east, was conceived. It was a historic moment in Indian football as NorthEast United FC became the first team in the world to have a representation by region, rather than representation by city. We feel an immense amount of gratitude and responsibility towards our fans, especially in the north-east region.

The crest of NorthEast United FC was designed keeping the ethos of the club in mind. It features 8 stars at the top, representing each state of north-east India.


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