Bajrang Dal Training camps in national interest,

Bajrang Dal Training camps in national interest, opposers have selfish motives: Dr Surendra Jain
            New Delhi May 26, 2016. The kind of unnecessary controversy that has been created around the closing ceremony of the regional training camp of the Bajrang Dal in Ayodhya smacks of roguish mischievousness. This is an attempt to jeopardise Hindu-Muslim camaraderie and disparage the entire Muslim community by branding them as terrorists, Dr Surendra Jain, Int’l Jt Secy, VHP said today.
            This is not the first time that a training camp of this kind has been organised. For the last 25 years, training camps based on the same principles/curriculum have been a regular feature of the Bajrang Dal activities. This is purely an organisational event, said Dr Surendra Jain. Anyone who is trying to portray this as some sort of a conspiracy hatched by the central government or even remotely associates this with the state elections that are due in Uttar Pradesh next year is completely ignorant of the history of the Bajrang Dal or is someone who simply revels in creating sensationalism.
            No questions had ever been asked in the last 25 years on these training camps of the Bajrang Dal. But now an attempt is being made to communally polarise the society and a conspiracy is being hatched to drag a popular and successful union government into a controversy. The kind of training provided at these camps is perfectly within the ambit of the law. Thousands of akhadas all over the country impart the same kind of training and all this is done publicly and nothing is ever under wraps.
            We all know that the countries or states that have successfully countered terrorism have been able to do it only with the cooperation of the society. Punjab is a glowing example of this where terrorism was completed eliminated with the help of the people of the state. No country in the world has bore the brunt of terrorism like India has, therefore people and organisations that inspire people to fight terrorism should be rewarded and not vilified.
            The attire, the kind of outfit and robes that the terrorists-used as symbolic targets-were wearing was inspired from what is shown in the media only. The videos released by ISIS have been showing Laden, Yakub and Baghdadi in a particular kind of attire which has become a standard symbol of terrorist attire. Therefore, it is these terrorist organisations which should take the blame for the generalisation of this attire; there is no way the blame for this can be laid at the doorstep of the Bajrang Dal which was only following a media pattern.
            The way the Uttar Pradesh government is going after the Bajrang Dal is ample proof that the state government is trying to polarise the society on communal lines only to benefit in the state assembly elections. In doing this, the state government is only trying to conceal its failure in stopping terrorist activities in the state and the attacks on the Hindu society. If they really want to do something in favour of the nation, then they should act against the Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband, which issues anti-national fatwas and is a source of inspiration for terrorists. The nation is already reeling under the nefarious activities of such muslim organisations, by indicting the Bajrang Dal, the state government should not fall into the trap laid by the terrorist organisations.
            Bajrang Dal is an organisation that acts only in the interests of the nation. Only the terrorists and anti-national elements take offence at its activities. Anyone raising its fingers at the organisation should first understand the activities of the organisations. In 32 years of its existence, the Bajrang Dal has so many records to its credit, “the largest blood donation camp in one single day, running a cow-protection programme where lakhs of cows are cared for, anti-conversion programmes, fight against the terrorists to save the Amarnath yatra pilgrims, making the ‘baba budha amaranth ki yatra’ successful in Poonch,” and the list could go on and on. The organisation leaves no stone unturned in offering voluntary service whenever there is a natural calamity in the country, the governors of various states stand testimony to this, said Dr Surendra Jain.

Govt has set path for accelerated growth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said changes have been made to curb corruption and gaps in rural infrastructure filled in last two years of his government. In an exclusive interview to Wall Street Journal on the eve of the NDA government’s second anniversary at the Centre, Mr Modi said his government has made it easier to do business and opened up more of economy for foreign investment. Prime Minister said maximum reform measures have been undertaken but added that he has enormous tasks ahead in this regard. He said labour law should not just mean in the interest of industry but they should be in the interest of the labourer.
Prime Minister also asserted that he expects Goods and Services Tax Bill, a major reform measure aimed at replacing a web of varying state taxes will be passed this year. The bill has been stuck in the Rajya Sabha in Parliament, where the government is in a minority. He also commented that today, unlike before, India is not standing in a corner.
The interview comes ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to washington early next month,where he is to meet President Barack Obama and address a joint session of the US Congress.

“Achievement of the Ministry of Minority Affairs”


Dear Sir/ Madam,
            Dr. Najma Heptulla, the Minister of Minority Affairs to address on the of showcasing the “Achievement of the Ministry of Minority Affairs” as per the following details.
DATE                           :           May 28th, 2016 (Saturday)

TIME                            :           11.00 a.m.
           VENUE                      :                Plenary Hall,
                                                              Vigyan Bhawan,
                                                              New Delhi

                          You are cordially invited to cover the event.
            With regards,

Venezuela oil rich in dire straits

Venezuela’s gold reserves have plunged to their lowest level on record after it sold $1.7 billion of the precious metal in the first quarter of the year to repay debts. The country is grappling with an economic crisis that has left it struggling to feed its population, according to International broadcaster. Despite facing severe economic challenges, the Venezuelan government has reiterated its commitment to maintaining its arrangements with the region under the PetroCaribe agreement.Countries under the agreement are allowed to purchase 185,000 barrels of oil per day on these terms.
IMF forecasts the economy will shrink 8 percent this year, and 4.5 percent in 2017, after a 5.7 percent contraction in 2015. Inflation is forecast to exceed 1,642 percent next year, fueled by printing money to fund a fiscal deficit estimated at about 20 percent of gross domestic product.
Hugo Chávez had said he would free Venezuela from the “dictatorship of the dollar” and directed the central bank to ditch the U.S. dollar and start amassing gold instead. In 2011, as a safeguard against market instability, Chávez brought most of the gold stored overseas back to Caracas.
The gold swap is another indication the country is desperate for cash. Venezuela and its national oil company PDVSA have some $6 billion to repay in principal and interest payments this year.
Venezuela began selling its gold reserves in March 2015. At roughly 367 tons, Venezuela has the world’s 16th-biggest gold reserves. In contrast, China and Russia both added to their gold holdings this year, the data show.
Gold prices have risen 15 percent this year. Last year Venezuela’s central bank swapped part of its gold reserves for $1 billion in cash through a complex agreement with Citi.
OPEC member’s gold reserves have dropped almost a third over the past year and it sold over 40 tons in February and March, according to IMF data. Gold now makes up almost 70 percent of the country’s total reserves, which fell to a low of $12.1 billion last week.
Venezuela has larger crude reserves than Saudi Arabia but has been hard hit by years of mismanagement and, more recently, depressed prices for oil. Oil accounts for 95 percent of its export earnings. Despite the recent price rebound, declining oil output is likely to take a further toll on the economy.
Opposition protesters gathered outside the headquarters of the Second Tribunal in Administrative Matters, in El Rosal, Chacao, to deliver a document to protest the ban on protest at headquarters of the National Electoral Council.
Governor Henrique Capriles, said the goal of this concentration is to “defend the Constitution and in turn hold them to the governing of the CNE not to delay the recall process.” “Those fathers of the Constitution now do not like they said. We will defend it in every corner of our country, “he said.
The deputy to the National Assembly Tomás Guanipa said Nicolas Maduro’s government is afraid of what Venezuelans expressed through consultation. “Nothing can stop this year will do the recall and change the government,” he said.
Carlos Ocariz, mayor of Sucre (Miranda), said he will ratify and defending their constitutional right expressed in Article 72. He reported that until Tuesday were verified over a million and a half signatures.
The deputy also Marialbet Barrios scored an injustice that the Supreme Court “intended to prohibit Venezuelans the right to demonstrate peacefully.” “Today will tell the court second of the Venezuelan people, by Articles 62 and 68 of the Constitution, has the right to demonstrate peacefully and express themselves freely,” he added.Media agencies

G7 Summit Leaders Meet

G7 Summit :Global Growth Crisis the leaders fear due to ensuing  election :German austerity and rest others states plea for spending.Spend on Infra, Spend at Investment . The fear of depression, stagflation,deflation process continues unabated in developed states at various economy. This economic fear for the leaders as the same extend their era and its impact on business economy .
Many Latin countries has its toll.China making an effort to a safe swim from this economic black hole which is like cancer.Furthermore spiral of black money  due to corruption in high places,tax heavens making roaring business  engulf the leadership race. Greed Lust and egalitarian,oligarchy  policies has brought the world economy to its statically value but has failed in its real valued terms.
Japan Abe , advocate of spending with inflation rise,the engine of growth moves other leader at G7 not taking Abe point of view. Leaders with contention said each country has its own priorities so the solution debate surges on global economic growth.
China being second big economic state will be on the agenda of summit but china being not developed is not part of developed nation summit.
Global security obviously be on the agenda of works leaders meet.Migrants influx to developing European nation strategy another important matter and navigation of International seas in South China sea remains to be debated .


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