The Sagar News Post Daily

The Sagar News Post Daily
Published by
Naresh Kumar Sagar
15 March 2016
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What is Evergreen Content? | Bryan Haines
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Bryan Haines
thumbnailbryanhaines­.com– It has become a common expression between bloggers and online marketers. And it plays a fundamental role in almost every successful blog. In the botany world, “evergreen” refers to a plant that has…
Breitbart Editor Apologizes For Post Mocking Editor Who Resigned
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Talking Points Memo
thumbnailtalkingpointsmemo­.com – Here’s Breitbart stmt on that piece that was pulled, just came in: — Hadas Gold (@Hadas_Gold) March 14, 2016 Shapiro and Fields both quit their jobs at Breitbart on Sunda…
How To Get Maximum Results As A Guest Blogger – How To Make Money Online
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S Sagar Rai
thumbnailwww­.incomediary­.com– To be, or not to be a guest blogger, that is the question… Both blog hosts and guest writers know the benefits of guest posting. Top bloggers make no bones of posting content from guest contributor…
Save time and curate content for social media
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thumbnailcronycle­.com – If you’re like a lot of social media marketers, you will spend a lot of time searching for content to post on social media. As Neil Patel points out on the QuickSprout blog – curated content on soc…
5 Zero-to-Cheap Do-It-Yourself Promotion Methods
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thumbnailmobe­.com – Doctor McCoy, from the original Star Trek television series, is famous for his grouchy assertions over the years that he was a doctor—not a bricklayer, an engineer, or anything else. Likewise, you …
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Sagar Media Inc

Sagar Media Inc
Published by
Naresh Kumar Sagar
15 March 2016
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ICDS Systems Strengthening and Nutrition Improvement Project
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Sagar Media Inc
thumbnailindminenews­.wordpress­.com– The salient features of the project includes following: • Supports Government of India’s National Nutrition Response; • Two phased approach where graduation to second phase triggered on meeting pre…
Asean News
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Sagar Media Inc
thumbnailaseannews­.wordpress­.com– Sagar Media Inc Published by Naresh Kumar Sagar 14 March 2016 Read paper → Business World Politics Sports Leisure Science Sagar Media in Shared by Sagar Media Inc enkaysagar­.wordpress­.com – Hyder…
Sagar Media News
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Sagar Media Inc
thumbnailsagarmedianews­.wordpress­.com– United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has received 4 million Euros (approx. US$ 4.4 M) from the Finland government to support the agency’s work in Myanmar in the areas of democratic governanc…
Ind Mine News
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Sagar Media Inc
thumbnailindminenews­.wordpress­.com– Sagar Media Inc Published by Naresh Kumar Sagar 14 March 2016 Read paper → Business World Politics Sports Leisure Science Sagar Media in Shared by Sagar Media Inc enkaysagar­.wordpress­.com – Hyder…
New Delhi Samachar
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Sagar Media Inc
thumbnailindminenews­.wordpress­.com– New Delhi Samachar New Delhi Samachar Published by Naresh Kumar Sagar 14 March 2016 Read paper → World Science Stories Sports Business Politics #benghazi #hillary Lying About Benghazi Sole Hillary …
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The Naresh Kumar Sagar Daily

The Naresh Kumar Sagar Daily
Published by
Naresh Kumar Sagar
15 March 2016
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【日テレ】今回の「テロップ捏造」以外にも、『韓流推し』等で度々やらかしていた模様 ←しかも番組制作会社が“全て同一”(画像多数) : 正義の見方
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thumbnailwww­.honmotakeshi­.com – 引用元: 名もなき正義 2016年03月14日 08:12 ID:OMvQfeC.0 スッキリのエンディングは半島ポップばっかりやろ昔から 2. 名もなき正義 2016年03月14日 08:15 ID:.h5ieZiWO 審議中! 3. 名もなき正義 2016年03月14日 0…
‘There’s no violence, nobody’s been hurt’: Donald Trump on his rallies
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thumbnailwww­.rt­.com – “If one person gets up and starts shouting and the police walks that person out, they try and make it like it’s a violent thing. It is not violent. It’s a protester that stands up or probably a dis…
Shame on you! Miandad lashes out at Afridi for India love
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The Indian Express
thumbnailindianexpress­.com – “Shocked and hurt” by Shahid Afridi’s comments that Pakistan’s cricketers were loved more by Indians than the fans here, former captain Javed Miandad has said that players making such statements sh…
Facebook, Google and WhatsApp will now fortify encryption of user data security – Tech2
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thumbnailtech­.firstpost­.com – As Apple battles the US government over encryption to unlock an iPhone used by an attacker in a mass shooting in San Bernadino last year, top US companies Google, Facebook and Snapchat are expandin…
Apple iPhone 5S
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thumbnailwww­.infibeam­.com – iPhone 5S is the first Smartphone with the 64-bit desktop-class architecture built in a super slim phone. The iOS 7 is specially built for 64-bit architecture that makes the most from the A7 Chipin…
World • Technology • Science • Politics • Business • Sports •#technology • #tech
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Invite: 16th March 2016 | La semaine de La FrancophoniePeople

Invite: 16th March 2016 | La semaine de La FrancophoniePeople
  • 16th March

Constitute SWATCH JUDICIARY COMMISSION to Clean Judiciary

Constitute SWATCH JUDICIARY COMMISSION to Clean Judiciary
March15, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh
Honorable Chief Justice of India
Sh. T.S. Thakur,
Supreme Court of India

Copy to: –
Honorable President of India,
Honorable Prime Minister of India,

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Indian Judiciary
Respectfully Submits the Following Facts,
India Ranks at the Bottom in ENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACTS in the world, and Honorable President & CJI are concerned with ‘Credibility of Indian Judiciary’.
There are Brilliant Judges in the Judiciary but there Orders are not IMPLEMENTED, Bad Judges Create Mischief all the time and their Orders are IMPLEMENTED Instantly and there UGLY judges who OPERATE Illegally and Deliberately HARM Complainants/Public.
In Civil Appeal 2846 of 2006 Matter – PRAYAS NGO was able to Procure Excellent Order from MERC to Stop BSES from Raising ‘Illegal Computer Generated Bills in 2004/2005’ – THIS WAS NOT IMPLEMENTED, BSES than Procured BAD order from ATE and in the Supreme Court Review was Filed by MERC who couldn’t match the Clout of BSES and SC ‘MISCHIEF’ Let BSES Raise Illegal Bills to this day, is applied everywhere in India.
UGLY JUDICIARY: It was BRPL-Consumer Courts CRIMINAL NEXUS at work in1831/2002 and 484/2004 casesBRPL Changed 5-6 Advocates in Two Years – E-1 in attached documents with DERC Complaint – DF incorrectly recorded the order –Consumer volunteered to Clear The LEGAL Dues against all bills which was aroundRs.100,000/- and Mr. R.Bansal, DF Accounting Member calculated the due amount to be Rs.18,000/-* [13-06-2003] which was paid to BRPL within one hour. DF didn’t record Payment Made and didn’t gave ‘ANY INTERIM RELIEF TO CONSUMER’ and Even after case was Transferred To Other District Forum there was no relief. BRPL didn’t comply with Orders. D-2 notice dated 2-03-2016 points to dues in ‘TENANT’S NAME’who was Legally Evicted in 2002 – BRPL Extorted House Owner to Pay Rs.18,000/- in 2003, Rs.44,239/- in 2005and now asked to pay Rs.18,000/-. *In 2003 Order also DF didn’t ask BRPL to Give An Affidavit to Give Details of Dues Like ‘Security Deposits & Bills Paid By The Tenant Before Eviction’ and give the Credit to House Owner.
1]  Recognize and Reward BRIGHT District & High Court Judges with Out Of Turn Promotions, Extend Their TENURE to 65 Years of Age.
2.] Constitute ‘Swatch Judiciary Commission’ to Clean Up Bad Orders As Soon As Possible – this shall Speed Up Justice Delivery, also Specify Compensation Amount – say 50% of the Illegal Bills or 100% of Actual Losses to the Consumer Or Public.
3.]  Constitute ‘ADMINISTRATIVE BENCH’ in the Supreme Court to Deal With ‘UGLY JUDICIARY’ – to Punish ‘Patently Corrupt Judges in Service or Retired’ and to entertain Direct Application & PRIVATE Hearing of Complaints Against Judges.

The Asian news Daily

The Asian news Daily
Published by
Naresh Kumar Sagar
15 March 2016
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Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro Resign From Breitbart
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thumbnailwww­.buzzfeed­.com– Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields and editor-at-large Ben Shapiro are resigning from the company over the site’s handling of Donald Trump’s campaign manager’s alleged assault on Fields, BuzzFeed N…
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thumbnailtogetter­.com– 画像・動画 写真(+8) イラスト(+11) 動物 YouTube(+2) ネタ(+2) 注目のまとめ 今週人気のまとめ 新着のまとめ 人気のまとめ 更新済まとめ 写真 注目のまとめ 今週人気のまとめ 新着のまとめ 人気のまとめ 更新済まとめ 外国人「ゲイカップルの旅行ポスターが駅に氾濫している日本はなんてオープンな国なんだ」→一斉にツッコミ入るの巻 芸人 サンドウィッチマン 新幹線 ゲイ …
Facebook is eating the world
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Jenna Cerruti
thumbnailwww­.cjr­.org– Something really dramatic is happening to our media landscape, the public sphere, and our journalism industry, almost without us noticing and certainly without the level of public examination and d…
NPR Clarifies Cokie Roberts’ Role After Anti-Trump Column
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Tink the Chihuahua ☄
thumbnailwww­.npr­.org– NPR is acting to clarify the role of longtime analyst and commentator Cokie Roberts after she co-wrote a syndicated newspaper column calling for “the rational wing” of the Republican Party to stop …
Trade in a Time of Protectionism
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Gaurav Daga
thumbnailwww­.project-syndicate­.org– COLOMBO – As China’s economy slows and growth in the developed world remains anemic, governments across Asia are working to keep their economies on an upward trajectory. In Sri Lanka, where I am Pr…
Art & Entertainment • Sports • Technology •Leisure • Politics • Science • #media •#journalism
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Let’s celebrate.
Naresh —
Tomorrow is a big day for Team Hillary — folks in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, and North Carolina head to the polls!
Want to watch the results come in with other supporters in your community? There’s a results watch party near you:
WHAT: Hillary for America Little Super Tuesday NYC Watch Party
WHEN: Tuesday, March 15th
07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
WHERE: 127 4th Avenue
New York, NY 10003
I can’t make it, but keep me in the loop!*
Tomorrow is the kind of day you’ll want to remember. You should spend it with other members of this team. You’re out there working hard, now get ready to have some fun.
RSVP to the results watch party in New York today:
Reserve your spot
Adam Parkhomenko
Director of Grassroots Engagement
Hillary for America


Issue 84
Dear Mr Naresh Sagar,Orange
Welcome to the March Edition of the UK Science and Innovation Network in India’s Newsletter. In this month’s newsletter you can read on how Lifi can make a big change for India. We would also like to highlight the Antimicrobial Resistance workshop on Hospital Design and Infection control being held in Mumbai.
SIN Spotlight
One of the UK’s brightest (quite literally) and revolutionary technological developments isLight Fidelity or LiFi. Invented by Professor Harald Haas, LiFi has the power to change how we access and transmit data in offices and home around the world. You can read more about Sunil Kumar’s (SIN advisor, Bangalore) visit to Prof. Haas’s lab in the University of Edinburgh last year. One of the many highlights was his demo of an LED carrying gigabytes of data and a solar panel which could not only generate power but also receive data.
Top Storiestopstories
In December, we supported a visit of UK advanced manufacturing experts to Pune and Bengaluru in India. This included Ben Kitcher, who represented the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the University of Sheffield. Ben wrote an excellent blog(originally on the University of Sheffield website) capturing why this sort of visit is so important in furthering UK-India collaborations in the area of high value manufacturing. Read more…
British Deputy High Commission Chandigarh organised a workshop on UK Research Funding Opportunities and Gen UK Programmeon 16th February in Dehradun. The objective of this workshop was to increase the visibility of UK excellence in Education, build new partnerships based on mutual interest and increase the  number of quality applications from Indian research organisations and universities to UK funding sources including Newton-Bhabha funding. The workshop provided a common platform for different stakeholders including UK university, Indian universities, funding bodies of UK and Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology.
Kavita Vijh (Newton Fund Strategic Programme Manager (India)) delivered the Newton-Bhabha programme presentation which focused on Research and Innovation for Growth and Prosperity. Please look out for her blog next month with more information on this workshop.
 Newton Funding
Jo Johnson, UK Minister of State for Universities and Science, officially announced the expansion of the Newton Fund. It was announced in December 2015 that the Newton Fund will be extended to 2021.
* The Newton Fund will be doubled from £75 million per year currently to £150 million per year by 2021.
* This means total UK Government investment of £735 million in the Newton Fund since its launch in 2014.
Chevening Scholarship Programmes
The Chevening Gurukul Fellowship Programme for Leadership and Excellence is the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s flagship fellowship scheme for India and it is aimed at mid-career and high-flying young professionals from diverse backgrounds with a strong and demonstrable leadership potential.
Every year twelve selected Gurukul Fellows are offered an intensive, all expenses paid, twelve-week residential course atKing’s College London.
Programme commences September 2016,Applications are open from 21 Dec 2015 – 7 Mar 2016
For a full list of funding opportunities, please check out our monthly summary
Workshop on Hospital Design for infection control.
15th March 2016, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.
Glocalising Innovation
18th March 2016 in Coimbatore.
If you are planning a visit to India soon check out our top tips for a successful trip. Or check out ourmap of Indian Science & Innovation to plan your itinerary. We’ve also produced a map of the UK if you’re heading in the other direction!
SIN India Team News
Our SINners have been very busy with business planning and staff changes. The new financial year looks promising with new project activities and events which only means we will bring you more interesting blogs to read! Thank you for your continued interest in our work.
Thanks for reading!
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In the meantime, stay connected…
Like us on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter  View our profile on LinkedIn  View our photos on flickr  View our videos on YouTube  Visit our blog
For press related queries, please contact : Sakthy Edamaruku , Press and Communications, New Delhi, T: +91 24192473

Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.


Cordially invites you to the
BGVerghese Memorial Lecture on 
The Environment for India’s Environment
Delivered by former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh
India International Centre Auditorium (Main)
Thursday March 17, 2016, 06.00 pm
The lecture will be followed by a brief panel discussion on the topic.
Darryl D’Monte, Chairperson, Forum of Environmental Journalists of India 
Bahar Dutt, Award-winning journalist and Author  
Shibani Ghosh, Environment Lawyer and Fellow, Centre for Policy Research.
The lecture will be preceded by the presentation of the Chameli Devi Jain
Award for an Outstanding Woman Journalist 2015-16.


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