ModiEra: A3 Postoffice Janak Puri New Delhi tobe post-bank’s plight

Naresh Kumar Sagar's photo.
Naresh Kumar Sagar’s :.The Post office is central subject and is covered under federal structure in Era of Modi the common man expected the system to wok efficiently with his best diction and slogan,” Minimum Government Maximum Governance. A3 Post office Janakpuri New Delhi the manual  post office is under the scheme of  “Digital India, ” on way to be Post Bank. Great effort indeed by the government but Ground zero lack Quality.
thus manual post office is converted o Postbank but the unit must be given proper logistics and human resources  so that government can get more funds and post bank dream take shape but not remain dream till the Modiera.
“A3 post office janak puri New Delhi is changing to post bank but with single person unable to give services to its 16000 account holders in true sense. Minister plus department lame duck.”
Every day single officer desk has to undergo trivial human relation when the officials are loaded with both obligations of Post office and Postbank.
Will the concerned authorities awake and make the dream of Modi, common man a reality   and Digital India take its shape:
Hope the Federal Minister the Good orator will take stock of the matter .


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