Ministry of Commerce and Industry Inviting Comments on imposing anti dumping duty on imports of jute products from Bangladesh and Nepal

This is for your kind intimation that the Government has found sufficient prima facie evidence of dumping of the “Jute Products” , originating in or exported from Bangladesh and Nepal , injury to the domestic industry and a casual link between the alleged dumping and injury exist to justify initiation of an anti dumping investigations.
The designated authority (Directorate General of Anti Dumping & Allied Duties) therefore hereby initiates investigation into the alleged dumping and consequent injury to the domestic industry in terms of Rule 5 of the Rules to determine the existence , degree and effect of the alleged dumping and to recommend the amount of anti dumping duty, which if levied would be adequate to remove the ‘injury’ to the domestic industry.
In this regard, Ministry of Commerce and Industry has invited the stakeholders of the concerned industry to submit the information relevant to the investigations in the following prescribed manner:
In order to make any submission (including Appendices/Annexure attached thereto) are required to file the same in two separate sets :
a. One set marked as Confidential (with title, number of pages, index etc.)
b. the other set marked as Non –confidential (with title, number of pages, index, etc.)
The “Confidential “ or “non-confidential” submission must be clearly marked as “confidential “ or “non-confidential” at the top of each page.
For information claimed as confidential , the supplier of the information is required to provide a good cause statement along with the supplied information as to why such information can not be disclosed.
Ministry of Commerce and Industry initiation notification  pertaining to anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of “Jute Product” originating in or exported from Bangladesh and Nepal  is attached herewith for your kind consideration.
Kindly send your suggestions or comments on the same latest by 26th November 2015  or


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