10, 35, 238 Crime against women calls recorded in last 2 years in Delhi 

Centre for Social Research filed an RTI to seek information on the calls received on women help lines. Here is what happened next.

2nd April 2015, New Delhi: Intended to analyse the situation of women in Delhi, Centre for Social Research filed an RTI to know the number of calls received on the following help lines to report crimes against women in India and specifically in Delhi.

- 100

- 1091

- 181
The data that has been received as a response to the RTI within a span of 37 days highlights gruesome statistics of the increasing rate of crimes against women in Delhi. The chart reflects a total of 10, 35, 238 crimes reported under 34 categories like dowry deaths, acid attacks, murder, sexual assault etc on 181. The response even registers the calls that were made by men in distress, dealing with human rights issues like labour, debit or dangerous attacks on them.

Though the RTI travelled across departments in the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Delhi Secretariat and the Police Authority, the response to the application is a detailed one. The shameful numbers reflect the kind of atrocities that women are facing in the society today and despite of numerous initiatives, policies and laws the situation is heart wrenching.

As a move forward, Centre for Social Research plans to initiate a discussion with the concerned authorities and seek their response on the appalling data. The organisation has shared the detailed of the RTI on their blog.

For a deep insight of the RTI response, do read the blog on Gender Matters

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