Telecom Scooping $20b Than Investing In Optic Broadband
January01, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh

Going by the TOI story Telecom Department or DoT is to auction 570
MHZ* of spectrum for 1.2 lakh crores – this comes to just Rs.210 per
MHz when in 2010 ‘5 Mhz of 3G spectrum was sold out for Rs 16,751
crore or Rs.3350 crore per MHz’. * [airwaves 60 Mhz in 2G and 330 Mhz
in 3G, and 180 Mhz of existing airwaves.]

When GoI scoops Rs.1,20,000 crores as License Fee – just to recover
this with interest and profits would cost Consumers over Rs.500,000
crores over 10 years or Rs.5000 per head for 100 crore connections –
This doesn’t include Cost of Mobile Devices which could take Annual
Imports Bill of Electronics & Mobile Devices to $400b by 2020.

This is Suicidal Policy driving India in to Financial or Economic Melt Down.

At Rs.210 crore per MHz DoT gets practically nothing even as 2G and 3G
tariffs are too high presently compared to landline charges of Rs.1.25
for 3 minute call. Assuming minimum spectrum required is 2x4.2 Mhz or
2x5 Mhz blocks – is Rs.1764 crores or Rs.2100 crores. This is no
improvement over SCAMMED rate of Rs.1658 crores for Pan India Licence.

But biggest concern is that GoI is neglecting INDIGENOUS Optic Fiber
based Broadband Services.

Already Quality of Service 2G Voice has declined and call drop rate
zoomed due to Extended Use of 2G for providing data services.

Worst of All DoT is not Introducing ‘Optic Fiber Based Services
Broadband Services’ – one Connection Providing VoIP, IPTV, Broadband,
Wifi, Video Conferencing etc.

Developed countries are already Experimenting with 1000 Mbps Data
Speeds per user – 100 Mbps data speed is already a standard but DoT
promotes Outdated Costly & Very Slow 2G and 3G services compared to
present global standards.

Optic Fiber based Wire Networks can service Future Technologies
without ‘Upgrades of Technology’.

Finally there is no change in WEIRD PITRODA POLICY of Wireless
Broadband in Cities and Optic Fiber Based Wire Services in Rural Areas
where just Rs.500 worth of copper wire can deliver 100 MBPS connection
or even 1000 MBPS through Ethernet. In 2003 ISP in view of defect in
distribution server provided direct connection – I was getting over 80
MBPS speed which was over 1000 Times Faster than my contracted speed
of 64 KBPS. 4G Service can deliver Wireless Broadband to Tens of
thousands of consumers in scores of villages at low cost by a Shared

In 2003 I was getting TV Channels on my computer with a Video Card
also before Encryption of TV Broadcast.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Project


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