AAP Village dialogue to expose ordinance on Land acquisition on Sunday
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Saturday, January 4

·         AAP public meeting on Sunday to oppose BJP central govt’s ordinance on land acquisition
·         It will have an adverse impact on 35 lakh residents of rural Delhi
·         AAP plans a nationwide campaign from Monday against this ordinance
·         Public meeting in Chhatarpur on Sunday at 2 PM in the MCD Park, near 60 Foot Road, Chhatarpur. 
 The Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday will launch its nationwide opposition to the BJP central government’s unjustified ordinance making changes in the Land Acquisition Act with a public meeting at Chattarpur.

The public meeting, part of the AAP’s ongoing Village Dialogue, will be addressed by party leaders including Arvind Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav and AAP candidates from rural assembly constituencies of Delhi. They will highlight the implications of this ordinance for the farmers.

Sunday’s meeting will be followed by protests by party’s state and district units across the country beginning from Monday.

The details of the ordinance make it clear that the Narendra Modi government’s dangerous move will throw farmers residing in the national capital, agricultural community and citizens of rural Delhi to the whims of big business.

Rural Delhi, like much of India';s agricultural community will bear the brunt of the government';s rush to accommodate exclusive development for big business. 

Delhi has 35 lakh rural citizens who have been consistently been neglected by the ruling  parties. Out of these inhabitants, almost 20-25 lakh people are farmers or part of the farming community who either pursue agriculture or have land-related problems in villages and Lal Dora areas.

Their land rights have been taken away by some draconian sections of the Delhi Land Reform Act and now the amended Land Ordinance. 
For example, this ordinance via the amendment to Section 24(2) affects farmers in over 50 villages in seven assembly constituencies.

The AAP specifically opposes this new amendment since it limits the benefit of providing compensation to farmers whose lands are acquired for various projects by the government.   

The ordinance provides for compensation in only those few cases where the delay was not due to any judicial order or pending case. The AAP strongly opposes this clause, amongst many other sections of this ordinance. 

Huge chunks of North West, South West and South Delhi are affected by this land ordinance in some way or the other, and the AAP firmly stands against this anti-people anti-constitutional Land ordinance and draconian outdated Delhi Act. 

Further, as part of our promises from Village Dialogue, we vow to repeal and rescind outdated sections of the Delhi Land Reform Act like Section 33, Section 81 when we come to power in Delhi. And we continue to give our unconditional support to Delhi';s farmers who are troubled by this anti-farmer Land Ordinance. 

To show our support with Delhi';s rural heartland and to protest against this draconian ordinance, AAP will hold a public meeting in Chhatarpur on 4 January at 2 PM in the MCD Park, near 60 Foot Road, Chhatarpur. 
(Please find attached a detailed background note on the subject) 

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