This is an invitation to all event/media agencies from the International Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO


This is an invitation to all event/media agencies from the International Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO

Attention Event/Media Companies – Inviting Expression of Interest for a big ticket knowledge forum & awards ceremony.”>Attention Event/Media Companies – Inviting Expression of Interest for a big ticket knowledge forum & awards ceremony.mall;”>This is an invitation to all event/media agencies from the International Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO). Kindly submit your tender applications towards organising our annual conference and awards which are now into its 9th year. Earlier called the RIGHT every WRONG Conclave (the most pioneering and premier thought leadership forum in India which was by invitation only for 6 years), we rechristened the same as REX- IDEAS FOR ACTION and made it a public conclave from 2012.

REX- Ideas for Action CONCLiVE, initiated by iCONGO in 2006, is the mother of all knowledge and CULTUREtainment events in this part of the world and also the most pioneering ideas for action and wisdom forum promoted by all sectors and people who want to lead change. The Latin word for REX is ‘KING’ and REX Conclive, which is the ‘King of all good thought leadership for Change’, invites nexus of leaders who speak out their cutting-edge ideas for the betterment of humanity
REX Conclive is an initiative under the auspices of the RIGHT every WRONG & Karmaveer awards movement which is promoted by iCONGO- International Confederation of NGOs & CtrlS Foundation. It is the scaled up new avatar of the RIGHT every WRONG conclave, which were knowledge forums that  were pivotal for pioneering huge thought leadership for addressing various social issues ranging from Education to Healthcare & Poverty to Marginalization, Climate Change, Corruption, Electoral Reforms, CSR, Communalism, MDGs and Constitutional rights & duties awareness. The movement has instigated and inspired other campaigns like Lead India, Teach India, Social Impact Awards, Real heroes awards and various other forums on social issues. The annual RIGHT every WRONG conclave has been bringing together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers who have shared cutting edge ideas & thought leadership that has been translated into action & movements through the iCONGO volunteers & member networks.
REX encourages compelling talks and alternative performances for 15 minutes on a platform across LIVE audiences. The talk could be anything that fits in within the 3 pillars of REX (as given below) across the thematic sectors (Business {Banking, Insurance, Microfinance, Telecom, Advertising, Retail, Infrastructure, Low Cost Housing, Aviation & others} Luxury brands, Media, NGOs, Government, Venture Capital, Social Ventures, Media, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Public Health, Philanthropy, Agriculture, Youth Affairs and other themes. REX LIVE shall focus on the following 3 pillars of REX.
1. Right every Wrong actions
2. Empowering & Entertaining Ideas
3. Xocial Innovation & Entrepreneurs
The common thread the speakers need to stitch in is how the idea can make a difference for the people and the planet. For the first time we shall also open participation to the public at large, through registration for delegations
Over the years, REX has hosted an eclectic mix of eminent and grassroots thought leader from across the world, which include academicians, activists, global celebrities, entrepreneurs, captains of industry, corporate executives, journalists, students, authors, entertainers, NGO leaders, UN representatives and several rarest of rare Rock-star speakers who speak in very selective forums. 
REX CONCLiVE 2012 & 2013 witnessed the most eminent & prolific “Rockstar Speakers” India has ever seen. ( ). Given below is the REX introduction video clip and the Speech by Emmy award winner Mr. Kaizaad Kotwal.
REX 2013 was a highly successful event and was supported by some very credible partners like CtrlS, BBDO, VSO International and Kyazoonga. REX-2013 donor & delegate invitations were priced at Rs. 35,000 for all the programs, events and awards ceremonies inclusive of food and beverages. Last year, after having received an overwhelming response to our event tender, we organised the event with a midsized Delhi based event agency to experiment with. Together we made a huge profit and we shared our profits with the event agency. This year we want to scale up with the right event agency and handover the whole event management and marketing to them. We are looking for an event agency to work with us as our joint venture PARTNERS OF CHOICE and take over the event property and thus enable us to focus purely on planning the content and speakers for the event.  Last year we had a delegation of over 1200 people for the 3 day event that was held in Delhi.  Over the years, after our having started REX, various others have started organizing knowledge forums and are pricing their invites for Rs. 1.0 lakh upwards. We are the pioneers and bring in the best line up of speakers and shall work with the organization we choose to decide on the pricing strategy which was too prudently priced last year at Rs. 35,000/- only
Over the years, people who have spoken in the forum have called REX the best knowledge platform in this part of the world and compared us with the World Philanthropy Forum, Skoll World Forum and TED. Although the comparison is flattering and with all due respect to these forums, we are not them and we surely have our own identity and distinctiveness. REX is based on the Eastern Thought Process of sharing progressive & traditional wisdom to churn KINGSIZE (REX is Latin for KING) thought leadership for Change.  Based on the thought by Gautam Buddha -‘ An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea’, REX unlike TED focused on ideas that are functional, replicable, sustainable and scalable. REX is the new avatar of the RIGHT every WRONG conclave from 2012 and some of the past impact of the conclave is as given below. Over the years REX has had “Rockstar speakers” which include musicians, actors, international celebrities, sport stars, entrepreneurs, captains of industry, development leaders and various other. People who have been thought leaders at our forum in the past include Princess Francois, Prince Charles, Brett Lee, Rahul Bose, Richard Gere, Gregory Roberts (Shantaram Author), Rahul Bose, Kajol, Gul Panag, Amala, Gopichand Pullela, Remo, Rahul Dravid, Mahesh Bhupati, Anu Aga, Ajay Bijli, Sunil Mittal, Dr. Villoo Patell, Bobby Cash,  Vijay Mehta, Michael Norton, Kaizaad Kotwal, Nileema Mishra, James Michael Lyngdoh, Dr. Verghese Kurien, Yogesh Kocchar, Dr. M. S . Swaminathan and many others.   We have also lined up some of the finest speakers across the globe for REX 2013-14. REX CONCLiVE shall have over 36 RockStar speakers” and 12 “RockStar performances” by alternative artistes.
iCONGO shall be responsible as curator for bringing in all the speakers and the performers for the REX – 2013- 14 .  The costs for speakers and performers that we arrange shall be borne by iCONGO.  Some of the speakers & performances may be seen in YouTube links given below. All live talks and performances shall be put up on REX Tube on our event portal where the sponsors shall also get branding in perpetuity.  Hence REX shall be a large on ground & online event forum and is an ideal & credible marketing and brand visibility platform for several brands. We are looking for an event company that can do the business development/ sponsorships management and also help with the organizing/ production of the Conclave (We may work with one organization for the business development/ sponsorships and production and may have separate tenders/ agreements for both processes). Once we choose the event company, the Chief Representative of the event agency may also be invited as a co – founder with the other co-founders as given in the PPT. We are looking for a long term partnership and not just to work with you as an event organization.
The impact of the past 6 years is as given below. Founded by the undersigned, REX in its new Avatar has some of the past speakers as co-founders and they shall all also be present at the event in January 2014. The event is scheduled for January 30th to February 1st 2014.
The 1st RIGHT every WRONG conclave in 2006, where the Omega ratings NGO accountability deed was announced, led to the Planning Commission adopting a NGO registration & disclosure process. During the first conclave we also planned the skill based livelihood program for marginalized youth in partnership with industry associations and USAID. This thought leadership has now led to the formation of the National Skills Development Corporation. The 2nd conclave in 2007 led to various other forums and the knowledge churned was even used in the journals at UPEACE. The 3rd conclave in 2008 led to a sustained campaign for electoral reforms, the No Criminals & Engage Voters campaign during elections. The 4th conclave in 2009 led to Indians against Corruption, where citizens pledged to say NO to corruption and the UN started the ACT -Against Corruption Today movement globally. The 5th conclave in 2010, with the Ministry of Home Affairs, led to action against communalism and the creation of Volunteers for Peace & Communal Harmony. The 6th conclave in 2012 on how citizen need to adopt fundamental duties has led to ZEE TV and the Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs leading a campaign to promote the fulfillment of fundamental duties by citizens.  The Humane Capitalism Conclave we organised under the aegis of the RIGHT every WRONG movement with Ms. Anu Aga as Chief Patron led to a forum on corporate governance at Harvard University and we are now creating the “100 most caring, ethical businesses & business leaders Humane Capitalism Index” in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet. 
Please read these documents carefully AboutREX & The sponsorshipPPT which is available here. Download the Tender Document from and do send us your expressions of interest by 5th May, 2014, with your credentials and a brief “statement of purpose” about how you shall add value to REX. We shall then forward you our detailed tender documents if we decide to include you in our 2nd round of short listing. The tender process shall consist of 2 rounds i.e. your tender application in Round 1 and Round 2 would be the submission of the tender document with your strategy and plan. Apply Today! Who knows your company may be the chosen ones as our partners for the long term? We are looking for a minimum partnership and JOINT VENTURE arrangement for a period of 7 years to begin with. Join us in scaling up and creating this historic online and on-ground knowledge movement property. 
Some speeches and performances from over the years:
Shalom and Jai Hind!
With warmest regards
Jeroninio Almeida
Founder & Just Another Volunteer | International Confederation of NGOs |  |  M – + 91 828.500.0262 | Skype – Jeroninio  | Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG  |
iCONGO believes that it is not mindless & arrogant charity but humble & involved social justice that is wanting in our world . We passionately work with PEOPLE across the globe, for encouraging social justice through citizen action with a vision of creating a just, humane, egalitarian and responsible society. On the other end, we work with the PEOPLE SECTOR (i.e. the NGOs which are rapidly losing out on credibility today), to reclaim and preserve public trust for the people sector. We have constantly endeavored and  taken the less trodden path, to encourage more involvement of citizens with social issues and created movements like The Joy of Giving, RIGHT every WRONG, Karmayuga, REX CONCLiVE and Karmaveer movement and inspired other socially relevant ideas with our thought leadership. More details on  This TV story by CNBC on iCONGO shall tell you about our mission . Watch Video  


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