Nominations for 117 Lok Sabha seats spread over 11 States and Union Territory of Puducherry to close today
Apr 5,  8:31 AM

Today is the last day for filling of nominations for 117 Lok Sabha constituencies spread over 11 States and the lone seat in the Union Teritory of Puducherry.

The Lok Sabha seats are all 39 in Tamil Nadu, 6 each in Assam and West Bengal, 7 each in Bihar and Chhattisgarh, 19 in Maharashtara, 10 Madhya Pradesh, 12 Uttar Pradesh, 5 in Rajasthan, 4 in Jharkhand and one in Jammu and Kashmir.

Scrutiny will be held on Monday and 9th April in the last date for withdrawn of nominations in this 6th phase of Lok-Sabha elections. Polling will take place in all these constituently on 24th April.


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