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Mediterranean Corridor enhancement programme is revealed
Even in tough times, the Spanish government is committed to expanding rail networks and retaining their reputation as leading investors in public transit in Europe. Following the October 2012 announcement of a €4·7bn investment in rail for 2013, details have now been released... read more ›
South Africa High-speed rail prelim study completed
      The development of a high-speed rail link between Johannesburg and Durban could potentially remove between 1.9-million tons and 3.6-million tons a year of freight volumes off South Africa’s roads, a prefeasibility study (PFS) has found. Speaking at the second South... read more ›
Bids to open on ScotRail and Caledonian Sleeper franchises
Transport Scotland have started briefing sessions for companies interested in bidding for the new ScotRail and Caldonian Sleeper franchises, which are due to start April 1 2015. IRJ published this report in December, stating that the length of the ScotRail franchise will be... read more ›
Huge investment being made in Egyptian Railways…
Transport Minister Hatem Abdel-Latif unveiled urgent plans for developing the railway sector at an estimated budget of 470 million pounds. Speaking before the parliament's transport committee, the minister said 170 million pounds are needed more ›
Download e-book: 8 rail tenders to get excited about
In a period of relative stagnancy for Europe’s railway market – and indeed most markets in the region at this time ‐ suppliers need to look to other growth areas such as Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. These are the regions where... read more ›
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