EU calls for calm in Egypt

The European Union has called for a rapid return to democracy and reconciliation in Egypt.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton in a statement urged all sides to exercise restraint.

Ashton said she strongly condemns all violent acts and hopes Egypt's new administration will be fully inclusive.

US government is urging the Egyptian security forces and demonstrators to settle their strife calmly, while apparently using its massive military aid as leverage over the situation.

White House spokesman Jay Carney expressed deep concern on Monday about fatal clashes between supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and Egyptian troops.

Carney urged the Egyptian military to exhibit maximum restraint in dealing with protesters. He also called on protesters to demonstrate in a peaceful way.

Referring to the US assistance programs to Egypt, Carney said it would not be in the best interests of the United States to suspend the aid immediately.

Security forces vehicle explodes in Somali capital

A vehicle carrying men wearing the uniforms of government security forces exploded in a main market in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Tuesday, witnesses said, adding that gunfire could be heard afterwards. The casualties were carried away by other security forces, but it was not immediately clear if there were any fatalities, Reuters reported. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

130 people from stricken boat rescued by Greek crews

Greek Coast Guard and Navy vessels on Tuesday were conducting a rescue operation for about 130 people on board a sailboat in trouble south of the island of Crete. The boat was taking on water about 30 nautical miles southeast of the island of Koufonissi, a small island south of Crete. A passing cargo vessel had begun collecting the passengers of the stricken 35-meter sailboat, according the Coast Guard. There was no immediate information on the nationalities of those on board. Greece is the main point of entry for migrants trying to enter the EU illegally.

Municipal workers in Greece strike for 2nd day

Greek municipal workers are striking on Tuesday for the second day to protest their inclusion in a government plan to reduce the number of civil servants. The strike comes a day after Greece’s creditors approved the disbursement of 6.8 billion euro ($5.3 billion) from the bailout package. Greece plans to put 12,500 civil servants on administrative leave by the end of 2013 with the possibility of dismissal, including Athens municipal police, local government employees, teachers and employees of ministries.

Assad invites UN inspectors

Syrian President Bashar Assad has invited chief UN chemical weapons inspector Ake Sellstrom to Damascus to discuss the allegation that Assad has deployed chemical weapons during the two-year Syrian civil war. Sellstrom’s UN envoy has not traveled to Syria because of Assad’s refusal to allow it access anywhere except the city of Aleppo, where the Assad government and Syrian rebels have accused each other of using chemical weapons. Syrian UN Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari reiterated that, despite the invitation, investigators would still not be permitted to examine areas other than Aleppo. It is not yet known whether UN officials will accept the invitation.

Al-Jazeera journalists kicked out of Egyptian military press-conferenceThe journalists for pan-Arab broadcaster, Al-Jazeera, was asked to leave of a news conference on Monday morning being held by Egypt’s military on the killing of 54 people, mainly of ousted president Mohammed Morsi supporters
Rebel Syrian National Coalition’s new leader’s refusal to enter into Geneva peace talks resolving violence in Syria has been mourned by Russia’s Foreign Ministry, which urges participation in the interests of stopping the “devastating conflict.
class=”header” href=”” style=”-webkit-transition: color 0.5s, text-decoration 0.5s; color: rgb(204, 10, 10) !important; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0px; outline: none; padding: 0px; transition: color 0.5s, text-decoration 0.5s; vertical-align: baseline;”>Muslim Brotherhood rebuffs Egyptian interim president’s plan for elections
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood  rejects a timetable for elections proposed by interim leader Adly Mansour. The plan calls for a parliamentary vote in six months after amendments to the constitution are approved in a referendum.
Severe thunderstorms leave Toronto underwater, 300K without powerThunderstorms hammered Toronto Monday, leaving cars stranded throughout the city and over 300,000 residents without power.

Brazil to investigate evidence of sweeping NSA surveillance
Brazil  launched an investigation as to whether telecoms operating within the country cooperated with the US as part of the NSA’s herculean surveillance operations.
Police fire tear gas, water cannon to push back Gezi Park protesters in IstanbulTurkish police used water cannon,tear gas to disperse protesters who tried to defy a closure order and enter Istanbul’s Gezi Park. The park was the focal point of nationwide protests against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in June.
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