Organizing for Action
Big news from OFA: More than 237,000 people have chipped in to own a piece of this organization. We've raised more than $13.1 million so far -- that's an average gift of $55 -- all toward building the biggest and smartest most truly grassroots movement.
And get this: More than 3.1 million supports have taken action this year -- from making calls to tweeting to training new organizers. 814 Summer Fellows are hard at work across the country. Volunteers have held more than 6,500 local events, and have sharpened skills at our more than 500 grassroots trainings.
Our action drives the news. We're raising the voices of real Americans in Washington, and standing alongside anyone who is doing the same wherever they live. OFA is putting pressure on lawmakers (of both parties.)
We're fighting for progress, and none of that would be possible without you. Thanks.

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