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The middle class got hit last Friday, and it didn't have to happen.

Congress failed to compromise -- with some Republicans insisting on protecting tax loopholes for the wealthiest Americans (seriously). Because of it, a series of devastating budget cuts known as the sequester are now in effect.

Americans across the country are feeling the consequences, from teachers to air traffic controllers to parents with kids in Head Start. We're talking about funding for our local fire departments and programs that feed our seniors.

This isn't a game -- and Congress needs to hear it from the people they represent. They can put an end to these cuts right now.

Here's a quick and simple action that you can take right now to send a message that members of Congress -- and everyone else -- can't ignore.

Tweet at Rep. Israel right now and say you're standing with him in fighting for a balanced approach to the budget, not drastic cuts.

The last time OFA supporters did this, demanding action from lawmakers on gun violence, it got Washington's attention.

Representatives responded with their own tweets of support. News outlets noticed, and reported about it. And thousands of folks who might not have otherwise spoken up got off the sidelines and raised their voices, as well.

Let's keep it up.

Congress can put an end to these disastrous budget cuts at any time -- but they need to feel the pressure to come to the table and find a common-sense solution.

Make your voice heard right now -- send a tweet to your representative and tell them to keep fighting for a balanced plan today:

Thanks for taking action.


Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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