URB Group, Europe’s biggest manufacturer and producers of bearings marked its India entry with the announcement of the launch of its first ever manufacturing factory in India. The world leaders who have 60 years of experience, manufactures over 18000 different types and versions of bearings, URB group, the world leaders in customized bearings, exporters to over 80 countries in 4 continents made an announcement to invest 50 Million Euros in its factory in INDIA. URB India factory would be its fourth factory in the world with factories in Romania, Turkey and Hungary.

Addressing the audience Mr. Harun Adiguzel, President, URB India said, “We have strong confidence in the Indian market. With India URB factory, we will make available authentic URB bearings at much lower prices directly to manufacturing companies in Steel, Mining, Power, Oil, Railways and along with our dealers in India. We are looking at a turnover of 200 Million US Dollars with our India URB factory in next 5 years.”

The raw materials for the hundred thousand square feet factory will be sourced from Romania and will be assembled and super finished in the India factory. For the initial period, 70 % of the production will be for the domestic use and 30 % for exports going on to 50-50 domestic and exports in the future. The group also informed that India production will be exported to both Europe and USA. The bearings made in India will be unique and different from the ones produced in other URB factories abroad.

URB is also taking strong measures against fake bearings; spurious products though cheap are extremely hazardous to the safety. It was said that URB has launched the latest technology, ‘DATA TRACE DNA’- top secret form of defense against counterfeiters. It is a Nano particles system and acts like an invisible bar code, which means URB bearings have now their own “fingerprints”. It’s a molecular signature which is inert, safe, strong and long lasting. The tracers are designed to withstand explosions, fire and heat to 1000 degrees centigrade. It cannot be duplicated because of its unique identity and is irremovable.

URB group’s main products include Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Thrust Ball Bearings, Cylindrical Ball Bearings, Spherical Ball Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings and special bearings. The new factory will supply its main distributors – GWB and SNK and agents in railway, energy, cement ,steel, material handling, mining, metallurgy and agriculture.

URB will also offer special and customized bearings to its end users.

Present in India since 1982, URB  established our first registered office in New Delhi last year and have already touched a turnover of $20 million dollar.


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