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Dear Friend and Supporter of Worldwatch

In the last few months, our Climate and Energy team has developed plans to help policymakers and local stakeholders in countries like Nigeria and Rwanda move toward a clean energy future. But these plans need your support to move forward.

To deepen the impact of your gift, two of our donors have generously come forward to match your support, dollar-for-dollar---- and here's why they are doing it:

John McBride John McBride, a former Worldwatch Board member and a longtime supporter of the Institute, has worked actively to protect the environment, primarily in his home of Aspen, Colorado. In 1993, he and his daughter Kate co-founded The Sopris Foundation, which works to conserve natural resources in the western United States and to mobilize communities to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. John recognizes the importance of supporting Worldwatch:

"As a business developer and as a rancher, I've seen firsthand how developmental practices can easily harm natural landscapes and communities. By working with local and regional stakeholders around the world, Worldwatch acknowledges the importance of local knowledge in advancing efforts that are beneficial for the land and for communities."

Laney Thornton 2 Laney Thornton is a longtime San Francisco resident and supporter of environmental initiatives. He invests in practical solutions for combating climate change, generating renewable energy, conserving natural resources, and promoting reproductive health. Laney is especially passionate about finding renewable energy sources for developing countries.

"We need replicable economic incentives for reducing emissions----that's how we'll move the needle. Taking Worldwatch's Sustainable Energy Roadmaps to sub-Saharan Africa offers policymakers the social and economic benefits of improving electricity access with renewables, which will have wider benefits to other sectors like health and education."

And if you have already donated, we hope that you will pass this e-mail on to your friends and family. 

Thank you for your loyalty and support.
Warm regards,
Worldwatch staff


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