Actress Chitrangada‘s one amongst 2.2 lakh consumers to share her treasured garment story

New Delhi 29th Aug 2012 As per a survey done by A C Neilsen in key metros among women,  this fact came to life that how each one of us has one special garment in our cupboard, which we treasure due to the various emotional reasons. However the fear of it losing its shine & getting it soiled restricts us from wearing it often.

P&G’s Home care product, Ariel, which has always been a pioneer in the laundry industry, has recently concluded their campaign, ‘My Story, My Ariel’. This campaign was aimed at evoking people’s emotional bond with their favorite garments.

During an event in the city, the gorgeous Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh revealed her treasured garment story. She was quoted saying, “I have always aspired to be an actress, but it was my treasured sari which turned the fortune for me and got me here in Bollywood & made me what I am today. If not for my treasured sari I would have been a Nutritionist.  I still remember the day when I auditioned for my first movie & I chose to wear this sari. It’s from that day, that I have treasured it & Ariel helps me keep it shining like new I have always trusted Ariel”.

This has been one of the best ever engagements for Ariel in both quantity and quality on Digital, PR & IVR platforms. The campaign received an overwhelming response from the consumers who through various platforms shared their treasured garment stories. We have received almost 2.2 lakh stories till date & numbers are still growing.

Earlier inspired by this initiative our own “Jassi”, Mona Singh pulled out one of her favorite dress, a blue gown that reminds her of her college days. This was the same gown that helped her win the first title in her College Fashion Show. So, she decided to meet Manish Malhotra, Ariel influencer to take tips on how to contemporarize her gown & preserve it for a longer time.

Manish Malhotra has been endorsing Ariel for many years now & vows by the efficacy of the product and counts on it keep clothes shinning like new for a long time. Manish was quoted saying, “I have seen the proof of performance right in front of my eyes when I visited Beijing Ariel Research Centre with Ariel team. After coming back I had to leave for an important event & had to carry my Favorite black jacket along but couldn’t get it dry-cleaned because of lack of time. I decided to see the proof of performance myself & asked my staff to wash it with Ariel & believe me I was overwhelmed to see the results.”
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