Help 12 year old Shaan get his fundamental right to water.
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Naresh -
27 days without water! Shaan and his family in Sangham Vihar didn’t get water for almost a month, his father who works as a construction labour borrowed water from his friends and paid bribes to the water mafia in-order to help the family survive. The family has no water to take a shower.
Recently, Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit made big statements on water wastage. But it seems like the Delhi Jal Board has been wasting large amounts of water while distributing it. [1]
News reports confirm that the official tanker mafia has been profiteering on the precious water that the Jal Board is supposed to supply.[2]
The World Health Organisation advised the Delhi Govt. to ensure a daily supply of 120 litres of water per individual in Delhi, but there are many like Shaan’s family who hardly get 20 litres everyday.
Media says that Delhi is going through an acute water crisis. Shaan questions “If there was water shortage in New Delhi then why is there sufficient supply of water in Water Theme Parks, Five star Hotels, expensive residential areas and Restaurants?”
Shaan believes that water is a fundamental right for every human being and the Delhi Govt. should ensure equal distribution of water.
Thanks for helping Shaan fight for water equality -- he believes that this can help Delhi fight the water crisis.
Tamseel and the team

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[2] India Today: Delhi thirsts as official Tanker mafia seat DJB Water
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