The central idea behind the fourth season of Sony Entertainment Television’s popular crime reality show Crime Patrol – Dastak was to make the viewers aware of signals of criminal intent around them. The unique series on Sony, which deals with unsolved crimes, alerts people and helps in averting crime. The show has completed 100 episodes and this season of the show has been by far the most successful. Crime Patrol has maintained its position amongst the Top 10 shows constantly for over a year now and has been placed amongst the top five shows beating innumerable soaps.
Conceptualized by Mr. Subramanian S. Iyer (Creator, Writer & Series Director), Director and produced by Mr. Vipul Shah, of Optimystix, the show is based on crimes which made headlines nationally. Shot in original locations and presented in a unique style the show has raised the bench mark of crime shows on Indian Television. Each episode reconstructs the events exactly as they happened, bound to give a never before insight on the trend and types of crimes that plagues modern Indian society.
Anoop Soni, the host of the show, time and again on the show, stimulates viewers to be alert of their surroundings, to keep a check on their near and dear ones, pick the signals from the probable victims so that the crime can be prevented.
Crime Patrol Dastak awakened the society to the fact that there are tell tale signs, which precedes every major crime. On the occasion of the show completing 100 episodes through the show SET would like to bring to you ‘10 Dastak’ to be watched out for in your day to day lives -
·         Domestic violence in marriage
·         Abnormal behavior in children
·         Signs of over dependence on alcohol and drug abuse
·         Prolonged eve teasing
·         Over-familiarity with strangers
·         Teenage infatuation and obsession
·         Signs of extra marital affairs
·         Dowry demands
·         Blind faith in superstitions
·         Recurring delinquent behavior


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