Rail budget modernisation plan to get trains on line is Rs2500 Cr not Million Cr

Rail budget modernization plan to get trains on line is Rs2500 Cr not Million Crores.
Rail budget has modernization costing Rs.500,000 crores to even Rs.10,00,000 crores. When in Australia  introduce Lockheed Martin technology that would reduce Spacing of Long Freight trains from 15 kilometers to just 2 km. This means on a 100 kilometer track where Three Freight trains Operate carrying 20,000 Tone payload each presently with this technology more than Ten to Fifteen Long Freight trains could be operated thus hourly throughput shall increase from 60,000 tones presently to 200,000 tones - 300,000 tones on single Meter gauge or Standard gauge track and it shall cost just Rs.2500 crores ($500m) for 10,000 kilometers track. This works out to just Rs.25,00,000 only or $50,000 per kilometer.This technology allows Australia to dispatch 7.2 million tones per day on one double section but India targets around 3 million tones daily loading on scores of sections. A satellite tracking system that facilitates large trains to be remotely controlled is on trial in SA. Automatic Railway Crossings are operational in USA for more than 100 years has mechanism of gates close just within 30 seconds before train crossing and give two alarms - blinking red lights and Wringing Bells.The system uses track side transmitters and GPS transmitters on the front and rear of trains, which are up to 2km long. The transmitters send data about a train's exact location through the 3G network and satellites. An operator at a network control centre would monitor the train and communicate with the driver via voice and data, with this  new system allow a train to be remotely slowed or stopped in an emergency situation.


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