Nuclear Security Summit in South Korea

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh leaves on Saturday on a four-day visit to South Korea where he will seek to strengthen ties with the Asian economic partner and also participate in the Nuclear Security Summit.
During his visit to Seoul, Dr Singh is scheduled to hold talks with President Lee Myung-bak on Sunday to forge closer economic ties.Dr Singh is scheduled to interact with leading CEOs of South Korean corporations on Monday morning.On Monday evening, Singh will attend a dinner for the leaders attending the second Nuclear Security Summit.
The leaders, including US President Barack Obama and 57 others, will review the progress made since the first Nuclear Summit held in Washington in 2010.
Steps to strengthen nuclear security and measures to prevent terrorists getting access to atomic weapons will top the agenda of the Summit.
“The main objective of the Summit has been high-level attention on the global threat posed by nuclear terrorism and the measures that are required to prevent terrorists and other non-state actors from gaining access to sensitive nuclear materials and technologies,” Mathai said.
US President Barack Obama will hold talks with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday in the South Korean capital Seoul, a statement released by the White House said.
“The meeting will be an opportunity for the United States and Pakistan to continue high-level consultations on areas of mutual interest,” said the statement released by the White House on Friday.
“In particular, the president looks forward to reviewing our efforts to support an Afghan-led reconciliation process, and to pursue an end-state in the region that advances security and prosperity.”
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