Why India to come under emission curbs ?

Why India to come under emission curbs ?
Following headline is nonsense – only India shall come under ‘Emission Curbs’ for not –
1. Developing Hydro Power potential over 200,000MW – sabotaged by HALF PANTS led River Linking under Suresh Prabhu.
2. Developing Innovative Energy Saving Products – HALF PANTS didn’t want to protect IPR of Inventors and didn’t provide any support – tax foregone was over $150b and crippled Patent Office.
3. Develop Thermal Power Projects & Offshore Oil & Gas – Amabanis in 10 years since taking over BSES has installed just 600MW of 35,000 MW (45,000MW including 10,000MW Dadri Projects).
4. Develop 25 to 29 Oil & Gas blocks acquired by RIL since 1999-2001.
5. Developing Coal mines though acquired prime mining leases – imported coal instead.
6. Develop Steel and Cement Plants adequately but exported over 200 million tones of Iron Ore and other minerals annually.
7. Develop Indian Railways but interested in SEZs, Railway Corridors.
8. Marginally Develop renewable energy.
9. Corruption in NHAI projects as reported by SK Dubey and over design meant manifold increase in cost of Highways – reduced Highway Expansion and substandard roads.
10. Enforce Quality control, Prestolite Invertor Battery that should last 8-10 years fail in 18 months.
11. HALF PANTS allowed Banias to raise equity in companies from 10% to 50%.
12. HALF PANTS repealed FERA to let them plunder money in foreign countries.
Half Pants through Janlokpal wants to Cripple Governance in India and bring down the duly elected government on behalf of banias.
Half Pants Oppose FDI in retail means firstly Banias didn’t develop food storage & distribution infrastructure and misused Rs.3,00,000 crores Bank Credit, secondly did want investment by Foreign Investors and thirdly didn’t object to their MASSIVE Tax Evasions and Flight of Capital.China is furiously developing Hydro Power, Nuclear Power, Renewable, High Speed Trains, Railways & Metro and Highways and planning to shut down GHG emitting industries.China is furiously developing R&D creating Indigenous IPR – Bania has no desire to do any R&D.Chine invest in own country to create own Industries – Banias buy foreign companies to sustain foreign industries.

Ravinder Singh



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