Opposition set to take on govt in Winter Session

Opposition set to take on govt in Winter Session

A determined opposition is raring to turn the heat on the govt on a range of issues including price rise and corruption in the Winter Session of Parliament beginning Tuesday.The Left parties have already decided to move an adjournment motion on the issue of price rise on which the BJP-led NDA is yet to finalise its strategy.The Left and the Right have been equally critical of the government's failure to provide relief to common man despite Parliament passing a unanimous resolution earlier asking for steps to contain price rise.

Some key UPA allies like Trinamool Congress have also expressed displeasure over rising prices.NDA is meeting on Monday evening amid indications that the opposition could evolve a common strategy and a better floor coordination on issues like price rise.It could also see opposition unity on the issue of corruption in the wake of new CAG reports on the issue as well as on the 2G scam.

With assembly elections in five states, including Uttar Pradesh, scheduled early next year, developments in these states may also have their echo in Parliament.

UP Chief Minister Mayawati has sprung a surprise on her detractors by coming out with the move to divide the largest and politically most crucial state into four smaller states.Opposition is accusing the government of doing nothing to bring down the double-digit inflation, saying the economic situation in the country was very serious.

The Left parties have also been demanding that government reverse deregulation and decontrol of fuel prices.A heavy agenda awaits the session as the government has listed as many as 31 bills for consideration and passing including the Lokpal bill and the Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill.The Parliamentary Standing Committee scrutinising the anti-corruption legislation is expected to give its report by the first week of December.The Monsoon Session of Parliament had failed to transact much official business despite a heavy agenda in view of disruptions by the opposition on a range of issues including the Lokpal Bill.

Likewise, the Winter Session last year was washed away over opposition demand for a JPC on the 2G scam issue.


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