Janpal Lok Pal Bill strengthens democracy

Nksagar-Sagar Media Inc: Baba Ramdev must understand Lokpal mean Public authority meant to be the monitoring and intervening authority who keeps an eye if all is not well in democracy and in case of any authority not doing their duties or deflecting from their democratically established paths has to undergo through the advise of the Lokpal authority to put all authorities under check at all circumstances.
Lok Pal bill strengthens democracy, monitors authority by civil society to which one must understand: Monitoring authority does not become supreme as appears in some news items when authority deflect from their paths It is intervening authority at time of crisis and is not above the Constitution of India.Most of experts in the country feel that the purpose of the bill to act as Monitoring authority cease to exist when we cling to parliamentary majority which may not be able to give justice for matters involving electoral and their performance reports are concerned:
Right to recall the public servants is also the need of the hours.
When the development funds are not reaching the end level the administrative and judiciary authorities needs to have stringent law for their recall or termination.

Lokpal bill must ensure that all Public post and authorities needs to have Monitoring committee and all democratic institutions must have an autonomy and their monitoring authorities must be from the civil society which ensures the democratic set up and governs or runs the institution and its chief with due diligence without any ulterior or biased motive needs to ensure that the system works for the welfare of masses and all classes .Those not following the due diligence and found to be indulging in corrupt practices needs their ouster.Corrupt officers need not to be jailed or given harsh punishment because an early check will ask them to quit their jobs as it is practiced all over the world when found in any illegal or corrupt practices they are asked to quit from Public life.

For those officers DM,SDM,LT Guv,Guv and Commissioners etc who are found to be not fulfilling their duties or are found to be deflected from their paths of governance and fulfilling their personal greed: Indian democracy where Public is Supreme as after the term of parliamentarian expires go to the public to seek their appointment is the final resort so when any matter take the shape of National importance then it must have the Public Referendum which is solely missing from our constitutional jurisprudence and we need to re-look on this stand as all levels of chief administrative post needs to be have civil society Monitoring Committee to act as intervening authority as watchdogs: Salient features provided for the Lok Pal bill is not adequate as the important terms such as definition of Corruption, transparency. accountability. dereliction from duties and other terms needs to be defined from the civil society point of view for the well being welfare scheme for the poor rural and downtrodden to reach its end level.Provision of Public Referendum,Public trial and Public committees needs to be defined in the interest of civil society to act as watch dogs from Local- city and district to national levels.Janpal Lok Pal Bill is of the people,for the people, by the people, in order to gain fruits of democracy:Posted by Nksagar


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