African Union talks on a plan to end the Libyan conflict-if Qadhafi left

Nksagar-Sagar-Media-Inc:African Union talks to plan to end the Libyan conflict were suspended early Friday with no agreement as the rebels insisted that Moamer Qadhafi had to quit for any attempt at a political solution.African leaders sought backing for their roadmap at closed door talks on the first day Thursday of their summit in the Equatorial Guinea capital, where delegations from the rebels and Qadhafi’s regime were present.

The plan envisages a ceasefire, humanitarian aid, a transition period, reforms towards democracy and elections, but the details and the position of Qadhafi have not been made clear.The rebels insisted outside of the talks that Qadhafi had to quit after more than 30 years in power. “He must leave,” National Transitional Council representative Mansour Safy Al-Nasr told journalists.

Asked if he thought the conflict would be ended through a political or a military means, he said: “We are ready for anything.” The rebels were prepared to end hostilities if Qadhafi left, he said.


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