States combating corruption

1) Two States with the highest number of registered cases also had poor rates of conviction. Maharashtra had the highest number of cases registered (4,566) with a conviction rate of 27%. Recovery or seizure of property from the accused was a measly Rs. 9.1 crore. Rajasthan had the second highest number of registered cases at 3,770 with a conviction rate of 1/3rd. Recoveries stood at a mere Rs. 9.7 crores.

2) Some members of the infamous BIMAROU group seem to have done better than others in combating corruption. Bihar with 617 cases registered had the highest conviction rate at 78%. Property worth Rs. 14.5 crores had been recovered or seized from the accused. Between 2005 and 2007 the conviction rate was 100%. The conviction rate fell to 60% in 2009 but property worth Rs. 7.8 crores was recovered during the same year- the highest during the decade.

3) Madhya Pradesh also had a higher conviction rate at 50% (1,257 cases registered) and recoveries worth Rs. 36.2 crores.

4) Orissa with 2,957 cases registered during the same period had a 1/3rd conviction rate but logged in the highest recovery rate amongst States at Rs. 63 crores.

5) Karnataka with 2,422 cases registered had the lowest conviction rate at 14% but had recovered or seized close to Rs. 20 crores worth of property from the accused.

6) Sikkim with 155 registered cases had the second highest conviction rate at 68%. Kerala with 1,572 registered cases had the third highest conviction rate at 65%. No recoveries have been recorded for this period in Kerala.

7) Andhra Pradesh (2,686 registered cases) Tamil Nadu (1,719 registered cases) and Assam (95) also had high conviction rates at 58%, 55% and 54% respectively. In Andhra Pradesh recoveries had been made to the tune of Rs. 13.6 crores. In Tamil Nadu this figure stood at Rs. 6.9 crores. No recoveries were reported from Assam.

8) Gujarat tomtomed as one of the best governed of States in India had 1,880 registered cases but with a conviction rate of less than 1/3rd (31%). Seizure or recovery of property was at a low of Rs. 2.4 crores in 10 years. Jammu and Kashmir kept close company with Gujarat with a near-similar conviction rate (30%). However it logged higher recoveries at Rs. 9.5 crores. Even Maoist-affected Chhattisgarh (267 cases, 48% conviction rate and Rs. 3.4 crores worth of recoveries) seems to have done better than Gujarat in tackling corruption.

9) Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura had a 0% conviction rate despite registering a handful of cases. Goa also had a 0% conviction rate despite registering 32 cases during the decade.

10) West Bengal had only 9 cases registered during the decade. No cases were registered at all in 2008-09. Even though the State has not withered away from the Left-combine ruled West Bengal (Marx's prediction is yet to come true), corruption seems to have withered away! Has it really or is this due to gaps in the data available? That is for the experts to find out and comment on.

What about the Central Government?
This dataset does not tell us how the Central Government- the biggest entity of all Governments in the country has tackled corruption. According to statistics provided by the Ministry of Personnel the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had registered 2,276 corruption cases during the years 2008-2011 (up to 31st March). The CBI had filed chargesheets in 1,924 cases during the same period (though some of these cases may have been registered much earlier). Information about rates of conviction and recovery of properties is hard to come by.
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