Fujifilm India launch of dozen new digital camera

Fujifilm India announced the launch of dozen new digital camera models in the Indian market including the FinePix X100 model with the hybrid view finder.A Rajkumar, country general manager (DSC), Fujifilm India, said, ''Fujifilm sees India as an important market and is committed to bringing the latest of its offerings to the market here.''The new models launched include AV200 and AX300 (A series), JV200, JX300 (J series), FinePix X100, T200, F500 EXR, HS20, S2950, S3300, S4000 and Z900 models these models come with features like digital image stabilization, motion panorama mode, face detection technology, picture search, scene recognition auto, blink detection, smile and shoot mode, Facebook / You Tube easy web upload feature among others.Fuji film India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan's Fujifilm Holding Corporation, today said it targets to double its market share in the camera segment by March 2012.
FinePix HS20
This is one of the more advanced cameras by FUJIFILM laced with a class-leading feature set that includes a brand new EXR CMOS sensor, high speed continuous shooting capability, improved user interface, versatile video functions, 30x zoom lens and a 16 megapixel resolution. Needless to say that HS20 sets a new standard in bridge camera functionality and performance.
The camera’s unique features include an all-new 16 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor, 3.0 inch LCD with 460,000 pixel and new Rich-User Interface using vector fonts and graphics, advanced anti blur technologies and GPS functionality. Besides these the regular features - Full HD movie capture, Motion Panorama 360 mode and Photobook Assist function are also present. This compact camera also has the award winning EXR technology that enhances its capability to shoot excellent photographs at high sensitivity and high speed. So now you can keep up with the action with F500 EXR no matter how fast it’s happening!
S series (S2950, S3300 and S4000)
The new S2950, S3300 and S4000 cameras have impressive super zoom lenses which are 18x zoom,26x zoom and 30x zoom respectively. These cameras also have Playback functions, Face Detection, Auto red-eye removal; Multi-frame playback (with micro thumbnail) and Photobook assist features. The new S series cameras all boast high resolution 14 megapixel CCDs, award winning Fujinon optics, 24mm wide-angle lenses, which are easy to operate and are packed full of useful features and technologies. With bright 3.0” LCD screens (460K dot resolution on the S4000 and 230K dot resolution on the S3300); Fujifilm’s new S series camera range has a lot to offer.
FinePix T200
This 14 megapixel camera has a slim body and is available in black colors. It is laced with all the essential features that will make photo-shooting experience a pleasant one for first timers. Its face recognition and image search along with photobook assist are a boon for those new in the field of photography. An ISO of 3200 ensures maximum sensitivity. It has a 2.7 inch rear LCD with 230,000dots that enables the user to view the scene with maximum clarity.
J series (JV200 and JX300)
The J series come in slim metal bodied design with 2.7” LCD screen. These cameras are loaded with advanced features like razor sharp Fujinon zoom lenses, Scene Recognition Auto, Panorama Shooting Mode, Movie Mode with Sound, Picture Search etc. The Smile & Shoot Mode works with FUJIFILM’s highly-acclaimed Face Detection technology to detect smiles on faces. It will not take a picture until it detects a smile. Another new feature is Blink Detection which warns users if they have captured an image with people blinking, so that they can re-shoot if necessary. The J series is also enabled with Facebook/You Tube easy web upload.
A series (AV200 and AX300)
Both AV200 and AX300 are 14 megapixel cameras with 3x (AV200) and 5x (AX300) Fujinon zoom lens. These cameras are light-weight, easy-to-use, produce great results and are ideal for people who are investing in their first digital camera. Laced with features such as Digital Image Stabilization, Single and Tracking Auto Focus, Motion Panorama mode, Scene Recognition Auto, Face Detection technology and convenient Picture Search (by Face, by Scene and by Date) the A series is perfect for beginners. Like the other models FUJIFILM AV200 and AX300 also support full HD photos and 720p HD movie capture.
FinePix Z900
FinePix Z900 EXR is a 16 megapixel digital camera with slim and stylish body. The camera is available in six mind blowing colors. Laced with EXR-CMOS technology FinePix Z900 has an intelligent processor with high sensitivity for capturing full HD movies. It can capture movies up to 320fps in its High speed movie mode. What’s more? This camera can recognize 27 scenes including blue sky (sky), green leaves (greenery), sunsets and even backlit scenes. Also, it has a 360° Panorama mode and its full-flat 3.5 inch wide (16:9) LCD has 460,000 dots for high image quality. With its Multi Touch functionality, you can now use two fingers to expand and reduce image size or simply swipe from side-to-side to scroll through your shots, iPhone-style.

FinePix X100 :The 12.3 megapixel camera comes with the hybrid viewfinder that combines the optical viewfinder found in rangefinder-type film cameras such as the classic 135-size or medium-format cameras and the electronic viewfinder system incorporated in most compact or mirror less digital cameras.The camera is equipped with an APS-C CMOS sensor and EXR processor for high definition images and a reverse Galilean optical finder with a 0.5× magnification for low chromatic aberration and distortion.


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