Public health care India

Public health care India

2010-03-24 04:40:01 - Two third of India's population live in rural India close to below poverty line without disposal income cannot afford private health care.

Expensive private health care makes 3 crore impoverished every year:
Health Minister ,Mr Azad said that health care needs to be in public sector and cannot rely on private sector.Two third of India's population live in rural India close to poverty section without having disposal income cannot afford private health care.

Strongly pitching for Government investment in health, healthcare system, Mr. Azad
said over Rs.1,300 crore was being invested in government medical colleges for increasing medical seats and Rs.1,200 crore for establishing 250 nursing schools in the country.

Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said it is neither feasible nor advisable to have a private sector-led health care system in India as majority of the population cannot afford it.Observing that private sector health care can have a devastating impact on family incomes, he said, "It is pertinent to remember that more than three crore people get impoverished every year on account of such medical expenditures".

“With almost one-third of the population still below the poverty line, high levels of illiteracy and malnutrition, the role of the public sector is not only relevant but essential for providing medical treatment to the poor,” the Minister said.
“Accordingly, we are working on a number of models under which diagnostics such as laboratory services, X-ray, CT and MRI and other high-end equipment/services can be outsourced,”

"The need for increasing public sector investment is because of the inability of the majority of Indian population to afford private sector provisioning of health care," Azad said at a conference on infrastructure building .He said in India, it is neither advisable nor feasible to have a private sector-led health system like in the USA."There is need to have both to cater to the different income segments of our society".


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