PM Cabinet members resings

Prime Minister will be meeting the President Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh
Patil at 12.30 PM to submit the resignation of the council of
Ministers to pave the way for the formation of the new government at
the centre. A resolution was also adopted appreciating the Prime
Minister for his leadership and performance of the government.

The Congress Parliamentary party is expected to meet on Tuesday to
elect Dr. Manmohan Singh as the leader of the Parliamentary party.

Meanwhile, consultations are taking place on Monday with the pre-poll
alliance partners of the UPA. They are NCP, Trinamool Congress, DMK
and National Conference.

On Sunday the core group of the Congress as well as Congress Working
Committee was held to discuss its strategy on government formation.

The CPIM Politbureau has also begun its meeting to discuss the worst
ever performance of the party in the just concluded Lok Sabha polls.
They will be reviewing the reasons which led to the poor performance
of the party in its bastion of West Bengal.

AIR correspondent says that differences have emerged in the party over
the role of central leadership specially its General Secretay Mr.
Prakash Karat. The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mr. Budhadeb
Bhattacharya is not attending Monday's meeting. Besides Mr. Prakash
Karat 14 others politbureau members are attending the meeting.


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