Congress strategy worked

Congress strategy worked

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2009-05-17 08:19:04 - Congress trio leaders making hectic tours of the country and speaking their hearts has brought the success needed to the congress Party.Priyanka,Scion of Gandhi-Nehru dynasty also played her role in magnificient way to garner vote for her brother and mother.

NDA led by the Prime Minsiterial candidate with their Macho leader Narinder Modi made too many personal remarks which diluted the standards for the total campaign thus missing the real issue needed for the country as the two main branded parties leaders set themselves in personal trade-off rather than making some concrete suggestion for the growth and development of the

The Gandhis kept their cool intact and with their total energy talked for the development of poor India which is still the major chunk of the country's population.

More than ninty percent of the country's area is under performer with development concentrated in towns,metros and urban populated satatelite cities found the diction of those leaders to their language got success in their areas of influence.

BJP thus gaining grounds in south and congress back to power in their rules states and in Bengal the mamta combine magic spell wonder to see their former allies and present foe left to the national wind which damaged their plan for government without congress support.

BJP unable to rotate their leadersip and failed to live up to their plan of the national issue saw them fail to live up to the public verdict.

However the spokersperson of the parties spoke with little or no contemplation and the quality of debate and national issue were of utterly poor thus people in small number came out to vote in 15 Lok Sabha elections ultimately.

The image of the politicians still needs to be improved in the eyes of common man which is likely to be better with more intellect and quality people aligning in the power struggle for the benfit of common man in all parties.

Feudal characterin the parties and in our thinking is another severe blow to our development and there are plethora of divide within our pluratist society which makes the political movement of thoughts ideology and involvement of masses at its low ebb.

Naresh Sagar


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