Hungary awaits new Prime Minister

Hungary awaits new Prime Minister

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2009-03-26 07:58:04 - Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany on Tuesday evening suggested three academician,the former central bank governor Gyorgy Suranyi, former
head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Ferenc Glatz and head of the GKI economy research institute Andras Vertes.He added, "certainly get
the support needed to become Hungary's next prime minister."

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany saidI hear that I am the obstacle to the cooperation required for changes, for a stable governing majority and the responsible behavior of the opposition“If so, then I am eliminating this obstacle now. I propose that we form a new government under a new prime minister

Hungary, in ballooning budget deficit, which rose to 9.3 percent
of the gross domestic product in 2006, left the country burdened with debt, roughly a third of which was in foreign currencies. Hungary was one of the severe-hit countries capital exit to flee emerging markets.Hungary government was forced to turn to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the European Union for a $25 billion rescue package.

Socialist leader Ildiko Lendvai said three candidates had given their preliminary approval to being nominated and they only need to make a final decision if they also get the parliamentary majority support.The Socialist negotiating delegation will start talks with the party's parliamentary group and the opposition Free Democrats about the candidates.Lendvai said, Only that person can become Prime Minister who gets the backing of both the Socialists group and the Free Democrats, she added the first round, the negotiating partners will only be expected to say if they would be unwilling to work together with any of the candidates, Lendvai said.
Fidesz narrowly lost the 2002 elections to the Hungarian Socialist Party, by 41.07% to the Socialists' 42.05%. Fidesz had 169 members of the Hungarian National Assembly, out of a total of 386.Fidesz says that we shall work for the dissoultion of the parliament and to call for early elections insetad of new Prime Ministeras the socialist have lost on the floor of lower house.Fidesz took its current name, "Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union".It was the most successful party in the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections, gaining 47.4% of the vote and electing 12 MEPs including Lívia Járóka, the second Roma MEP.Some consider[citation needed] the election of Dr. László Sólyom as the new President of Hungary as the most recent success of the party.


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