Twin blast Benazir convoy kills 150 people and 500 injured.

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Twin blast Benajir convoy kills 150 people and 500 injured.
Bhutto wept as she emerged from a plane that brought her from Dubai to Karachi. At the airport, she climbed aboard the roof of a truck and began a triumphant procession through Pakistan's largest city.She said that our agenda is for the Poor and our agenda is for peace and prosperity to the country.Her homecoming after self imposed exile of eight years after she fled for corruption charges in year 1999 for money Laundering by her country,Spain and Switzerland as her accounts were frozen.An amnesty agreement with president Musharaff to trade off deal she landed to participate in parliament election.

With parliamentary elections due in January, she hopes to campaign for a third premiership. Political analysts call it risk her popularity by tie-up deal with unpopular military ruler, President General Pervez Musharraf.

Celebratory procession through Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi on Benazir home coming after eight years in exile former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto twin suicide bombing in a crowd welcoming killed 130 people Thursday night.

Twin explosions struck by suicide bomber near a truck carrying Bhutto, fortunately she was not injured and was hurried huddled to her house.

Karachi six hospital are put on emergency and Officials at six hospitals in Karachi reported 130 dead and about 550 wounded, making it one of the deadliest bombings in Pakistan’s history.However the report of more dead is reported by many media and is put at 165.

On reaching the airport, Bhutto refused to use a bullet proof glass cubicle built on atop the truck taking her to the tomb of Pakistan's founding father, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, to give a speech. She squeezed between other party officials along a railing at the front.

Bhutto told reporters her homecoming felt like a miracle. "I hope that, as this miracle is happening, that a miracle will happen for the impoverished and poverty-stricken people of Pakistan who are desperate for change, who want safety, who want security, who want opportunity, who want empowerment and employment," she said.

Her procession of Two lakhs people had been moving with snail pace toward the center of Karachi for10 hours, dancing and cheering supporters swarmed around the truck, when a small explosion erupted near the front of the vehicle. Within a minute was quickly followed by a larger blast just feet from the truck, smashing a escorting police van on fire leaving 20 police official dead.Blasts breaking windows in Bhutto's vehicle. Party members on top of the truck scrambled to the ground, one man jumping while others climbed down a ladder or over the side.

Bhutto was in to a downstairs compartment in the truck for a rest when the blast occurred as onlooker said
Begum Abida Hussain and Fauzia Wahab, PPP Leaders,who were standing at the truck were wounded by splinters. PPP leaders in the truck were transferred to other vehicles and carried to safer places. Medical emergency was declared at Jinnah and Civil Hospitals of Karachi immediately after the blast.

Forty four bodies among many whose only body parts were recovered were taken to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. Civil Hospital 33 bodies and 91 wounded were shifted, and 42 bodies were taken to Liaquat National Hospital. Moreover, four dead bodies and 93 wounded were taken Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and a body and 55 wounded persons were admitted at Aga Khan Hospital.

People came forward for blood donations to meet blood requirement for large number of the injured.
Police officer Raja Umer Khitab said evidence at the scene suggested it was a suicide bombing. He said it destroyed two police vans escorting Bhutto's truck.'' He said the legs and head of the suicide bomber has been found.
A man tried to move towards the vehicle when he was stopped, he blown himself.
Ministry of Interior Spokesman Javed Iqbal Cheema has said over 70 deaths have been confirmed. He said a new strategy would be made for movement of Benazir Bhutto in the country.
Secretary General of United Nations Ban Ki Moon has condemned the attack.Reports of condemnation is forthcoming from other countries.Benazir husband Zaradari has put the blame of blast on ISI.

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