Putin visit to Iran- Olmert's in Moscow

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is scheduled to fly to Moscow on Thursday. Putin and Olmert the two leaders are expected to discuss an arms deal that Russia is to sign with Syria and Russia's role in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking efforts.

President George W. Bush said Wednesday that he wanted to get a report directly from Putin about his visit to Iran and warned that a nuclear-armed Iran could trigger World War III.

Olmert "will be very clear on the Israeli position that in no way can Iran achieve nuclear capability, that Iranian nuclear capability threatens the world, including Russia," Israeli government spokeswoman Miri Eisin said Thursday.

Olmert's one-day visit was announced only after Putin had returned from Iran, where he vowed Tuesday to support Iran's pursuit of nuclear energy and warned "outside forces" - hinting at the United States - against using force against Iran.


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