Thailand elections in November 2018

Exact date to be named around June according to PM Prayuth
Thailand’s military junta announced Tuesday it will hold elections in November 2018, more than four years after it seized power and imposed a blanket ban on politics.
Thailand to hold an election in November 2018, precise date to be given in June, says Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.
The announcement came from junta chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha. He had promised immediately after his May 2014 coup to return power to civilians within 18 months, AFP said.
The date has repeatedly slipped. After the vote, critics say there still will be limits on democracy under a new military-scripted charter. The junta chief also said he would “consider the timing for relaxing conditions on political parties at the appropriate time.”

44th Sub Junior National Championship

Defending Champs M.P. Boys remain unbeaten on the 2nd day of the 44th Sub Junior National Championship

Bengaluru/Didwana 9th October 2017: The 44th Sub Junior National Championship for Boys and Girls is being held at the Bangour college stadium, Didwana, Rajasthan from 8th to 14th October 2017. The Championship is being organized by the Rajasthan Basketball Association under the aegis of the Basketball Federation of India. The prestigious Championship will feature 30 boys’ teams and 24 girls’ teams in the U14 age group, from various Indian States and Union territories, and will be played in a league cum knockout format. The Results from the first two days of the championship are as follows:

DAY 2, 9th October 2017, Results Till 11.30 A.M

1. Madhya Pradesh(Rishikesh 13pts, Gopi 12 pts) bt Maharashtra(Rehan 10pts, Adnan 9pts) 72-33[14-03,25-11,19-10,14-9]
1. Haryana(Mohit 30pts, Vikas 13pts) bt Odisha(Ankit 6pts) 53-19[16-10,5-3,17-0,15-6]


1. Nagaland(Thejazo 20pts, Ruokuovoy 8pts) bt Puducherry(Nandan 12pts, Srivatsan 7pts) 36-34[10-8,4-12,12-6,10-8]
2. Gujuarat(Pavan 11 pts) bt Goa(Sahil 7pts) 31-12[7-6,10-0,10-2,5-4]
1. Mizoram(VL. B. 6pts) bt Tripura(Prasendit 6pts) 38-10[18-0,10-0,8-8,2-2]
2. Chandigarh(Sunny 20pts, Abhishek 18pts) bt  Himachal Pradesh(Yajush 9pts, Arman 6pts) 53-23[21-06,01-05,10-00,12-12]
1. Meghalaya(Lawrence 20pts, jaffrey 7pts)  bt  Uttrakhand(Pratyush 7pts) 48-23[16-02,8-7,8-3,16-11]
2. Bihar(Manvesh 12pts, Siddharth 11pts) bt Jammu and Kashmir(Vishal 5pts) 43-23[12-08,10-08,14-4,9-3]
1. Manipur(Tanson 9pts, K. Jetli 8pts) bt West Bengal(Prakash 9pts) 36-29[7-4,9-8,7-10,13-5]
2. Assam(Rahul 26pts, Praveen 12 pts, Parri 12pts) bt Jharkhand(Aditya 14pts, Siddharth 10pts) 59-45[16-10,3-13,28-14,12-8]

1. Maharashtra(Danira 8pts, Shomira 7pts) bt Delhi() 44-17[13-04,12-05,11-04,8-4]
1. Tamil nadu(Sathya 18pts, Sadhana 8pts) bt  Punjab(Vrinda 8pts) 53-23[13-4,14-4,8-3,18-12]

Day 1, 8th October 2017
1. Andhra Pradesh(Ch. Sai Babu 18pts, Sai Charan 8pts) bt Telangana(Sourav Dehraan 25 pts, Chandrahaas 7 pts) 53-50[15-15,17-08,13-11,08-16]
2. Madhya Pradesh(Bhagat 20pts, Gopi 12pts) bt Punjab(Vikas 13pts, Mandeep 11pts) 57-52[16-11,10-16,19-15,12-10]

1. Rajasthan(Lokendra Singh 24pts, Jaideep Rathore 21pts) bt   Uttar Pradesh(Shreyansh 14pts) 71-58[20-14,15-6,18-16,18-22]
2.  Chhattisgarh(Deepak 13 pts, Shivanand 12 pts) bt Odisha(Ankit 8pts, Sasank 8pts) 48-38[11-07, 19-04, 10-13, 08-14]

1. Karnataka(Harsh 14pts, Dibya 11pts, Akshay 9 pts) bt Puducherry(Nanda 10pts, Srivatsan 4pts)  50-26[13-02,14-10,9-12,14-2]
2. Gujarat(Aryan 12pts, Ayan Khan 9pts) bt Nagaland(Dziese 9pts, Kikrusietube 4pts)  40-22[10-6,8-6,11-3,11-7]
3. Karnataka(Vedanth 15 pts, Akshay 7pts) bt Goa(Mokshad 6 pts) 50-14[15-04, 10-00, 9-6, 16-04]
1. Kerela(Rinil C.K 14pts, Athul 11pts) bt Tripura(Ramesh D 8pts)  72-09[16-0,21-7,17-2,18-0]
2. Mizoram(Jacob 10pts, Lalhmangaixg 10pts) bt Himachal Pradesh(Arman 14pts, Japreet 10pts) 52-42[10-11,12-8,10-4,20-19]
3. Kerela(Jordan 19pts, Athul 12 pts) bt Chandigarh(Sunny 21pts, Nitesh 12pts) 59-47[6-11,14-16,24-6,15-14]
1. Tamil Nadu(Gowtham 18pts, Shibi 16pts) bt Uttrakhand(Karan Sood 5pts) 77-12[23-04,18-05,16-02,20-01]
2. Meghalaya(Lawerence 26pts, Jeffrey 08pts) bt Jammu and Kashmire(Azhar 7pts) 59-19[12-6,12-5,17-04,18-4]
3. Tamil Nadu(Sharan 8pts, Shibi 6pts) bt Bihar(Sidharth 7pts) 43-19[13-08,12-01,8-2,10-8]
1. Manipur(Tanson 16pts, K. Jetli 14pts) bt Jharkhand(Shoaib Khan 9pts) 46-29[13-12,16-4,5-8,12-10]
2. Assam(Parri 25pts, Parveen 10pts ) bt Delhi(Upanshu 16pts, yatish 6pts) 45-43[4-9,4-10,20-8,187-16]

1. Maharashtra(Bhakti 08 pts) bt Rajasthan(Divisha 06 pts) 45-20[10-03,12-05,09-09,14-04]
1. Karnataka(Sunishka 13pts, Vedaa 10pts) bt  Uttar Pradesh(Nadani 12pts, Sumira 8pts) 37-35[15-08,00-05,09-10,13-12]
1. Haryana(Ritika 11 pts, Tina 11pts) bt Chandigarh(Anjali 06pts)  36-16[19-04,06-02,11-08,00-02]
2. Telangana(Y. Hemalatha 20pts, Rickit Reddy 16pts) bt Bihar(Muskan 14pts) 70-23[10-08,20-6,18-2,22-7]
1. West Bengal(Shreya 14pts) bt Jharkhand(Sanjana 5 pts) 36-11[14-04,8-5,9-0,5-2]
2. Gujarat(Naomi 11pts, Priscilla 6pts) bt Assam() 28-06[14-0,7-4,7-2,0-0]
1. Odisha(Khushi 12pts, Sama 10pts) bt Uttrakhand(Anita 6 pts) 37-19[12-3,5-6,12-6,8-4]
2. Andhra Pradesh(Sudha 13pts, Pallavi 7pts) bt Himachal Pradesh(Sukhmandeep 8pts) 34-26[2-4,8-6,16-10,8-6]

Format of the Championship:
The teams are grouped into two levels –Level 1 features the top 10 teams from the previous championship divided into two groups of five teams each (Group A and B), while Level 2 features the remaining teams divided into four groups (Group C, D, E, F). In the league stages, all the teams play each of the other teams in their group once. The top three teams from each of the groups in Level 1 advance directly to the quarterfinals, while the fourth-placed teams play pre-quarterfinal games against the top two teams from Level 2. The teams that finish last in each of the groups in Level 1 are relegated to Level 2 for the next edition of the tournament, while the Level 2 teams that qualified for the pre-quarterfinals will replace them in Level 1 in the next edition.

Third international Conference on Yoga today

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu  inaugurated the third International Conference on Yoga in New Delhi today. The theme of this year’s conference will be ‘Yoga for Wellness.’
An official statement said, Minister of State for AYUSH Shripad Yesso Naik  preside over the inaugural function while Union Minister Nitin Gadkari will be the chief guest at the event.
The two-day conference has six technical sessions and experts will deliberate on the scope of yoga in integrated medicine, and control of cancer, depression and gynecological disorders and pain management.
Around 500 delegates, including those from 44 countries, are attending the conference which will provide a common platform to AYUSH and allopathy practitioners, researchers, academicians, policy makers and students.

Art BAB Opens in NEW Delhi

 Art Bahrain Across Borders, (ArtBAB), the Kingdom of Bahrain’s premier contemporary art fair and curated artists program under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of the King of Bahrain, is debuted in India today with its first art exhibition in New Delhi at Bikaner House under the theme ‘The Unsaid’ , the 18 Bahraini artists displayed their artworks, curated by renowned Indian artist Dr Alka Raghuvanshi.
Art BAB exhibition art work of talented Bahraini artists,  foster a connect between creative enthusiasts from both countries.
Date : 10th & 11th October, 2017
Timings : 10am – 7pm
ArtBAB’s artist program was launched last year in May 2016 at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The First edition show cased  in Bikaner House in New Delhi on 9th of October, next exhibition in India shall be  Bombay Art Society in Mumbai on 30th November.
ArtBAB is organizing these artist programs in India in association with Rouble Nagi Art Foundation.Mumbai edition will start from 30th November 2017 onwards and will be on till 2nd December 2017.
Director of the office of her Royal Highness wife of the King of Bahrain, Shaikha Maram Bint Isa Al Khalifa said “We are extremely delighted at this opportunity to showcase Bahrain artwork in New Delhi. This shall bring professionalism between two countries  and stimulate investment and economic activity in the arts and cultural sector.”
The Guest of honor was Dr Mahesh Sharma, Minister of culture, environment, Forest and climate change.

Defense Forces Deserve BEST & Latest Technologies – Exclusive

October10, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh
DEFTECH 2017 was dominated by DRDO who wanted Private Sector to invest in Developing Technologies for Defense Sector but wanted to own IPR, also wanted right totransfer IPR not created by it to Competitors who may be better at commercialization. Industry Big & Small was reluctant to accept DRDO terms and stalemate continued.

Defense sector deserves Best & Latest technology, not justMilitary Hardware & Civilian Products Also. I remember My Army Officer Uncles fought in all wars + UNO Observer in Vietnam – Would get FERGUSON TRACTOR or French Home Appliances not available to civilians. Indian Railways was built to connect Army Cantonments. Defense Forces had best CLUBS, Golf Courses, Horses, Own Dairy Farms, MESS, Schools, and Hospitals etc.
All Defense Establishments must get Bests of Civilian Technologies & Services first. Cantonments may best of Telecom, Public Services, Broadband, Solar Rooftops, Surgical Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Renovated First Class Homes than Old Barracks.
But unfortunately not happening now.

USA developed Technologies for Defense Sector – Internet, Super Computers, Imaging Technologies etc that were then transferred to Commercial sector –

1.    DRDO is developing INFERIOR technology,  
2.    DRDO wants to own IPR which are developed by Private Sector,
3.    Wants rights to Transfer Technology Developed by Pvt Sector for DRDO to 3rd Party.
4.    Doesn’t Guarantee ‘ORDERS’ which comes from User Organizations.
5.    DRDO itself doesn’t want to Commercialize Technologies & have no resources.

What is disappointing is that LAMEDUCK technologies are introduced after many-many years of trials like the Run Flat Tire Technology developed over 8 years for Air Force Fighter jets that cost even Rs.500 Cr – BMW Car cost Rs.0.5 Cr has better technology.

It required just 10 minutes to search for Run Flat Tire Technology introduced by BMW – it runs 50miles on flat tire at 50mph.

This professional Inventor can create Hundreds of Inventions for Defense/Commercial sector – there are thousands who can Reverse Engineer technologies but must Let Them Work, Let Them Own IPR and GoI should speedily grant patents.

Private Sector & Experts to get Access to DRDO Testing Facilities.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770 [4G]9871056471, 9718280435,
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects


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